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2012 Regional Jamborees
We need to start getting ready for iGEM 2012. Have suggestions on how many Regions there should be for 2012? Want to host a 2012 Regional Jamboree? Want to suggest a location? Let us know!
31 3390 Sep 18 2021

Southern Hemisphere 2012 20 11745 Sep 18 2021

Optimize your cloning strategy now !!!
Last year I participated in the team of Wageningen UR ( In this team I was the person responsible for devising all the cloning strategies for the various systems which we wanted to build. However during devising the cloning strategies I noticed that this is quite a hassle and pretty frustrating since there are a lot of parts to go through. Due to this I developed a software tool called The Constructor (, which calculates for your systems the most optimal cloning strategies. The constructor executable can be downloaded here (, after unzipping read the manual for further information. Hopefully it will saves you from a lot of dry lab work time and headaches :). Furthermore I wish you all the best of luck during your iGEM adventure. O yeah the python source code is also added to the zip file, you are more than welcome to change it , however I would appreciate it that you mentioned my name if you used it. Greetings Matthijn Hesselman Wageningen UR
8 751 Sep 18 2021

Software Division
iGEMsoft is a collection of iGEM Software projects 2007-2011.
13 788 Sep 18 2021

7 711 Sep 18 2021

Helps Us to Help iGEM
Hello iGEM community! We are the BostonU team, and as part of our project this year, we are coming up with an alternative data sheet for the part experience page in the registry. Our data sheet is unique because it can be generated from Clotho with a click of a button. We have a prototype( that we would like you all to look at, and we'd love to have some feed back. (What should be on the data sheet, what is missing,what is unnecessary etc). After all this is being developed to make sharing in iGEM even more fruitful and fun. Thanks, and see you all in Boston!
10 675 Sep 18 2021

Hotmail login
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2 220 Sep 18 2021