Synthetic Biology

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Zak Bobb [kuporawu] Apr 4 2020 Report
"Please slip off your blazer and sit on the side of the couch over there and I'll start with your blood pressure." Beth got up and slid her blazer off and folded over the back of her chair. She couldn't be sure but she thought she glimpsed him checking out her shapely bust in the short-sleeved blouse, before she turned and moved over to the "couch" which was in fact the examination table to one side of the room. She hopped up to sit on the side, as he watched, careful not to let her skirt ride up. The doctor fetched his apparatus and sat next to her. He held her arm softly and attached the pad to take her blood pressure. He could feel her trembling slightly at his touch as he pumped up the testing bladder which squeezed her arm. After watching the read-out for a while he declared "That's fine" and jotted down the results on the clipboard. "Now let's check out your lungs. Please turn that way so that I can listen through your back." Beth presented her back to him as he pressed his stethoscope to her back. He gently pressed it to her back and she felt him moving it around, his hand pressing against her as he noted the quality straps of her bra. He grunted and then said "Well I think you're OK but I can't be sure from the back. Do you mind if I listen to your chest for a second?" "Uh, OK" she answered before realising the potential implications, and regretting it. She turned to face him as they both looked down at her chest. She was breathing quicker now from nerves. He asked her to undo the top two buttons on her blouse. As she did so, she felt that it was getting hotter in there, or was it just her blushing? Then, holding the end of the stethoscope, he placed it just under her neck and moved her blouse aside a little as he listened lower. He pushed her blouse further open and caught a glimpse of her white lace bra and the top inside swell of her lovely breasts as he pretended to listen lower. Beth was trembling and she felt that he was taking a little too long to check her out. Finally, he seemed to be satisfied and leaving her blouse open a little he placed the scope to the side and changed direction. "Right. Now let's test your reflex actions. Please slip off your shoes and perch on the edge just there." Beth shuffled closer to the edge taking care not to let her short skirt ruck up.