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Sophie Jacksons [idobre] Jan 15 2021 Report
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Aiden Vega [mogabexi] Dec 30 2019 Report
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Oliver Mark [olivermarkbme] May 8 2019 Report
Oliver Mark [olivermarkbme] May 8 2019 Report
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Hope Solo [HopeSolo] Oct 16 2018 Report
I am always searching for certification courses and programs. Thank you for providing the information about this certification. I will be looking forward to more certifications posts on this forum.
Sophie Jacksons [idobre] Oct 8 2018 Report
It's nice to know this information. Thank you for sharing
Aaron Strickland [AaronStrickland] Oct 1 2018 Report
I think that assessing programs offered at colleges to ensure they're keeping pace with current demand is a good idea, but this seems more like a studious approach to providing a relevant and well-rounded education and more of a drive to get bodies in the door. I see very few useful certificate programs - a coding boot camp or online program that results in a certificate is just as useful. Get more info at