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Are you an iGEM team, lab, or sponsor? If you have a video that you would like to share with the community send us an email to hq (at) igem . org.
  • Tell us who you would like the video to be attributed to: your iGEM team, your actors, etc.
  • All videos should have a Creative Commons Attribution license at the very least.
  • Provide a description and any resources that would go well with your video
  • We prefer that videos be uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube as quality tends to be good and embedding is easy.

ATOMS-Turkiye 2015 - Fast & Cureous
Submitter: ATOMS-Turkiye / Uploaded: 8/18/2015 / Length: 7m, 34s

Team ATOMS-Turkiye has made a video describing their project!

INSA-Lyon 2014 - Plasmid'outai
Submitter: INSA-Lyon / Uploaded: 10/27/2014 / Length: 3m, 51s

Team INSA-Lyon has made a music video about the frustrations of cloning!

KIT-Kyoto 2014 - How to Make Basic BioArt
Submitter: KIT-Kyoto / Uploaded: 10/27/2014 / Length: 3m, 38s

"KIT-Kyoto made an introductory video "How to make basic BioArt." We hope that more people can find genetic engineering appealing. With a little bit of labware, you can make BioArt!"

METU Turkey 2014 - DegredoPetronum Game
Submitter: METU Turkey / Uploaded: 10/26/2014 / Length: 1m, 44s

"PET degredation is a crucial thing but why it cannot be also fun? As an answer to this question, we played a game with some team members and genetics students. In this game, we wanted from people to bend max number of plastic bottles in 10 seconds. Our aim is to tell people about our iGEM concept, our project and synthetic biology in an amusing way. Have fun!"

SDU-Denmark 2014 - The Great iGEM video adventure
Submitter: SDU-Denmark / Uploaded: 10/26/2014 / Length: 0m, 23s

"People tend to fear bacteria and oppose genetic modification, and thus synthetic biology. Our attempt at a novel outreach approach will teach the audience facts about bacteria, DNA and GMO in a fun and participatory way.

- At the burger joint, Mamma’s Burgers, crazy things might happen but it sure will be educational!"

INSA-Lyon 2014 - project video
Submitter: INSA-Lyon / Uploaded: 10/19/2014 / Length: 4m, 11s

Team INSA-Lyon made a video of their team project, "CurLy'on"!

Evry 2014 - iGEM birthday video
Submitter: Evry / Uploaded: 10/13/2014 / Length: 2m, 47s

"This is a video which trace 10 years of competitions. Some numbers are real, others are wrong. Will you find the good ones?"

Colombia 2014 - Low Budget iGEM
Submitter: Colombia / Uploaded: 10/03/2014 / Length: 1m, 25s

"This year for our HP project we are trying to find cheaper and easier ways to do synthetic biology. In order to do this, we designed a challenge between teams, where they design iGEM procedures in a cheaper way".

Heidelberg 2014 - iGEM@home
Submitter: Heidelberg / Uploaded: 10/02/2014 / Length: 5m, 08s

"iGEM@home is a collaborative platform where volunteers offer their computing power to participants of the iGEM competition to give them the power to conduct novel approaches in Synthetic Biology. To find out more visit our site:"

UB Indonesia 2014 - Team Video
Submitter: UB Indonesia / Uploaded: 10/01/2014 / Length: 5m, 24s

Team UB Indonesia introduces their team members and project in this video!

Tec-Monterrey 2014 - Team Video
Submitter: Tec-Monterrey / Uploaded: 9/30/2014 / Length: 1m, 51s

"We are the members of iGEM Tec de Monterrey and we are ready for the competition. This year we are developing a bacterial therapy against tumorous cancer."

Edinburgh 2014 - Bacteria to the Future
Submitter: Edinburgh / Uploaded: 9/29/2014 / Length: 4m, 06s

"What if artificially intellignent bacteria could be connected together to make intelligent populations? Could we make bacterial computers?"

Imperial 2014 - Ice Bucket Challenge
Submitter: Imperial / Uploaded: 9/24/2014 / Length: 0m, 27s

Team Imperial participates in the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Waterloo 2014 - Basic Lab Techniques
Submitter: Waterloo / Uploaded: 9/24/2014 / Length: 1m, 04s

"Do you want to learn the basic techniques you need to participate in labs? Whether you are curious about the science world, going into your first laboratory course, or your first lab position.. we’re got the basics covered! Check out our Youtube channel to find the videos, which will be released throughout the fall. Venture on, aspiring scientists!"

Valencia Biocampus 2014 - THE STOOL iGEM Project
Submitter: Valencia Biocampus / Uploaded: 9/23/2014 / Length: 5m, 29s

"Our video is a parody of the well known YMCA, in which we describe briefly our project". Check it out!

BGU Israel 2014 - The Inner Doctor
Submitter: BGU Israel / Uploaded: 9/19/2014 / Length: 3m, 18s

"iGEM BGU 2014 present the complete treatment for the Metabolic Syndrome - The INNER DOCTOR ! We are group of 10 students forming the iGEM BGU 2014 group, developing using cutting edge synthetic biology technology, a whole treatment for the Metabolic Syndrome."

ATOMS-Turkiye 2014 - Team Project Video
Submitter: ATOMS-Turkiye / Uploaded: 9/17/2014 / Length: 5m, 59s

Learn about Team ATOMS-Turkiye's ischemia project, "Change of Heart"!

ATOMS-Turkiye 2014 - Ice Bucket Challenge
Submitter: ATOMS-Turkiye / Uploaded: 8/29/2014 / Length: 0m, 48s

Team ATOMS-Turkiye has made a video about the ice bucket challenge for ALS patients!

Macquarie Australia 2014 - So You Think You Can Synthesize
Submitter: Macquarie Australia / Uploaded: 8/29/2014 / Length: 0m, 35s

"As part of our outreach program we have created an online reality contest titled SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SYNTHESIZE. We have based it off of popular reality TV format, and it is basically a contest where the audience can ask questions to our 'scientists' during a live session every week (dates to be posted later). The contestant with the least votes is eliminated each week. Users can also post questions offline and they will be answered by one/more contestants."

METU Turkey 2014 - Team Video
Submitter: METU Turkey / Uploaded: 8/28/2014 / Length: 2m, 03s

"We are METU_Turkey team. We work hard and we enjoy our work!"

SF Bay Area DIYbio 2014 - Real Vegan Cheese
Submitter: SF Bay Area DIYbio / Uploaded: 8/18/2014 / Length: 2m, 29s

Team SF Bay Area DIYbio made a video about their real vegan cheese project! You can support them through their Indiegogo campaign.

Technion-Israel 2014 - Safie
Submitter: Technion-Israel / Uploaded: 8/12/2014 / Length: 1m, 30s

Check out this video about Team Technion-Israel's ice cream allergen detection system, Safie! You can support them through their HeadStart campaign.

Paris Bettencourt 2014 - Team Video
Submitter: Paris Bettencourt / Uploaded: 8/12/2014 / Length: 5m, 18s

Team Paris Bettencourt made a video about their team, iGEM, and their MOOC project this year!

CoBRA 2014 - Team Video
Submitter: CoBRA / Uploaded: 8/8/2014 / Length: 3m, 24s

Meet the members of Team CoBRA and learn about their project to protect pine trees from the mountain pine beetle!

GenetiX Tec CCM 2014 - Safety in Lab
Submitter: GenetiX Tec CCM / Uploaded: 8/8/2014 / Length: 5m, 01s

Need a lab safety refresher? Team GenetiX Tec CCM shows you proper laboratory safety techniques in this video!

Lambert GA 2014 - Let Them Grow
Submitter: Lambert GA / Uploaded: 8/8/2014 / Length: 3m, 30s

Team Lambert GA created a synthetic biology-inspired version of the song "Let It Go"!

Mingdao 2014 - Team Video
Submitter: Mingdao / Uploaded: 8/8/2014 / Length: 5m, 51s

Follow Team Mingdao on their adventure to save the city from odors!

TAS Taipei 2014 - Taipei Day
Submitter: TAS Taipei / Uploaded: 8/8/2014 / Length: 3m, 55s

Team TAS Taipei takes us on a tour of their city as they spread the word about their project!

TP CC-SanDiego 2014 - How to Make an iGEM Team From Scratch
Submitter: TP CC-SanDiego / Uploaded: 8/8/2014 / Length: 4m, 59s

New to iGEM? Team TP CC-SanDiego shares some tips on how to make an iGEM team from scratch!

Pitt 2014 - Living Skin Therapeutics
Submitter: Pitt / Uploaded: 8/7/2014 / Length: 2m, 10s

"One of the biggest roadblocks to having clear skin is acne, and despite all the available treatment options, the mechanisms of acne are still unclear. The 2014 Pitt iGEM team is improving our understanding of acne by developing a procedure to genetically engineer the skin bacterium, P. acnes, often associated with acne. Learn more about our project and team in this video!"

UANL Mty-Mexico 2014 - The Reprogrammator
Submitter: UANL Mty-Mexico / Uploaded: 7/31/2014 / Length: 1m, 54s

Team UANL Mty-Mexico shares their project, "The Reprogrammator"!

Stony Brook 2014 - Team Introduction
Submitter: Stony Brook / Uploaded: 7/30/2014 / Length: 2m, 51s

Team Stony Brook shows us around their campus and introduces their team members in this video!

Imperial College 2013 - Trash to Treasure
Submitter: Imperial College / Uploaded: 11/14/2013 / Length: 1m, 59s

"A short documentary that takes you through the process of extracting a bioplastic from E. coli that have been engineered to produce P(3HB) whilst living off trash."

Imperial College 2013 - Trash to Treasure (Directors Cut)
Submitter: Imperial College / Uploaded: 11/14/2013 / Length: 6m, 11s

"An extended documentary that gives you unparalleled access to the process of extracting a bioplastic from E. coli that have been engineered to produce P(3HB) whilst living off trash."

Tokyo Tech 2013 - Do you know "Ninja"?
Submitter: Tokyo Tech / Uploaded: 10/25/2013 / Length: 3m, 01s

"Do you know "Ninja"? Ninja was an ancient spy-warrior in Japan. This year, Tokyo Tech programmed a ninja system into E. coli! This E. coli is named Escherichia ninja! In this video, team members play our story of "Mutant Ninja coli". Escherichia ninja can mimic civilian, throw shuriken, and … !? Please enjoy this video!!"

ATOMS-Turkiye 2013 - The Cell Game
Submitter: ATOMS-Turkiye / Uploaded: 10/11/2013 / Length: 2m, 28s

"Atoms Turkiye designed a 100 meter squared floor game which involves two players(cancer cell and normal cell). Each player travels to different organs via the blood vessels to complete different activities. The aim of this game is for the players to envisage what it's like to be a normal cell or a cancer cell."

ATOMS-Turkiye 2013 - Know your cell, know yourself
Submitter: ATOMS-Turkiye / Uploaded: 10/11/2013 / Length: 2m, 37s

"SynPhilo's first interactive theatre 'Know Your Cell, Know Yourself' intended to take the audience on a discovery of the behaviour of cancer and its connection to the humans through our organised activities and an act play scripted by our team members. SynPhilo interactive theatre analysed every movement of cancer first scientifically then reasoned its behaviour morally and found the interrelation of cancer with us humans, teaching us how to react through seeing a live example such as cancer that lives within us and slowly pulls the body to death as well as itself."

Freiburg 2013 - Why don't you take our CRISPR Kit?
Submitter: Freiburg / Uploaded: 10/10/2013 / Length: 5m, 10s

"Check out Team Freiburg's project song: Why don't you take our CRISPR kit? Song and video are about our lab problems and uniCAS toolkit for gene regulation. Our creative head Max wrote storyboard and songtext himself and the whole team participated in the following video shoot. We hope you will have as much fun watching it as we had!"

TU-Munich 2013 - AutoAnnotator
Submitter: TU-Munich / Uploaded: 10/10/2013 / Length: 5m, 10s

"Over the years, many iGEM teams realised, that proper annotation of Biobricks often is tedious and not achieved. As a first step towards a better annotated partsregistry, we developed an easy-to-use tool to significantly increase the quality of annotation of you Biobricks within seconds: the AutoAnnotator!"

TU-Munich 2013 - PhyscoFilter
Submitter: TU-Munich / Uploaded: 10/10/2013 / Length: 3m, 12s

"Dear fellow iGEMers, in the past years, many teams have been and actually still are working on Bioremediation to battle global as well as local pollution. Taking solutions to this problem to the next level, we used the moss Physcomitrella patens as self-sustaining, self-renewing, aquatic chassis to create the PhyscoFilter, building upon several previous and present iGEM projects"

UNIK Copenhagen 2013 - Bricks of Knowledge: Fundraising
Submitter: UNIK Copenhagen / Uploaded: 09/26/2013 / Length: 2m, 38s

Team UNIK Copenhagen made a video with advice on fundraising as part of their video project "Bricks of Knowledge". Additional videos made by other teams for Bricks of Knowledge can be seen on Team UNIK Copenhagen's wiki.

BGU Israel 2013 - Children's Science Festival
Submitter: BGU Israel / Uploaded: 09/18/2013 / Length: 1m, 38s

"iGEM BGU Israel participated in the annual children's science festival. We set up a number of activities for children to learn about synthetic and micro biology: growing bacteria from your finger on petri dishes before and after using hand sanitizer (showing the importance of washing your hands as well!), and writing your name in DNA by translating English letters into DNA codons using Craig Venter's Ascii table and making the sequence into colorful decorations of DNA strands for the upcoming holiday season. For the parents and older children, we presented the iGEM foundation and our project, and distributed our public opinion survey about synthetic biology."

UANL Mty-Mexico 2013 - Bricks of Knowledge entry
Submitter: UANL Mty-Mexico / Uploaded: 09/15/2013 / Length: 3m, 14s

"This video is part of a project that belongs to Copenhagen team, the project is "Bricks of Knowledge" and the main idea of this video is explain our experience through years as a team in iGEM and share tips to design a circuit."

Manaus Amazonas-Brazil 2013 - Human Practices project
Submitter: Manaus Amazonas-Brazil / Uploaded: 09/15/2013 / Length: 2m, 59s

"Meet the places and the people throughout the Amazon with the Manaus Amazonas-Brazil team in some of their Human Practice activities."

ITU MOBGAM Turkey 2013 - "What is Synthetic Biology?"
Submitter: ITU MOBGAM Turkey / Uploaded: 09/6/2013 / Length: 1m, 24s

''Do you know ''chro-genetics''? If anyone find the answer let us know :)''

ITU MOBGAM Turkey 2013 - "What is iGEM?"
Submitter: ITU MOBGAM Turkey / Uploaded: 09/6/2013 / Length: 2m, 08s

''Hello everyone, It is our first year in iGEM, and we thought asking ''What is iGEM?'' question to public would be a good start to our human practice project. We hope you to enjoy it.''

METU Turkey 2013 - Why iGEM?
Submitter: METU Turkey / Uploaded: 08/20/2013 / Length: 2m, 58s

"Here are the reasons why the METU team joined iGEM..."

Baskent Meds 2013 - Legionary Pneumophilia vs Escherichiastein Coli
Submitter: Baskent Meds / Uploaded: 08/20/2013 / Length: 2m, 12s

"Hello there. We are Baskent Meds, Baskent University's iGEM team. We lived in our lab to create a monster Escherichiastein Coli that designed to murder Legionary Pneumophilia. Enjoy a short horror movie that's about our iGEM adventure!"

Cornell 2013 - Fungal Biomaterials
Submitter: Cornell / Uploaded: 08/19/2013 / Length: 4m, 15s

"This year Cornell iGEM is creating a novel fungal toolkit for higher order basidiomycetes using Ganoderma lucidum. The toolkit will include constructs with antibiotic resistance for selection, constitutive and inducible regulatory elements, fluorescence markers to detect expression levels, and constructs to test the potency of homologous recombination. In addition, Cornell iGEM aims to improve current mycelium-based biomaterials, such as those produced by Ecovative Design, by introducing targeted antifungal genes as well as carotenoid biosynthetic pathways."

TecMonterrey 2013 - A Typical Day in Lab
Submitter: TecMonterrey / Uploaded: 08/16/2013 / Length: 2m, 04s

"This is how iGEM Tec Monterrey deals with an average work day, preparing ourselves for the Regional Jamboree!"

Newcastle 2013 - Betty and Bertie
Submitter: Newcastle / Uploaded: 08/15/2013 / Length: 1m, 45s

"L-forms: a novel chassis for synthetic biology. Team Newcastle invites you to explore what's possible when bacteria lose their cell wall."

Baskent Meds 2013 - We Support Baskent Meds!
Submitter: Baskent Meds / Uploaded: 08/15/2013 / Length: 0m, 37s

"We walked around Ankara, went to our favourite places, talked people about iGEM and here is some of the people who support us. Lots of love to everyone!"

METU Turkey 2013 - Bee Subtilis
Submitter: METU Turkey / Uploaded: 07/30/2013 / Length: 1m, 40s

Team METU Turkey made this video to describe their project!

Valencia Biocampus 2013 - WormBoys
Submitter: Valencia Biocampus / Uploaded: 07/26/2013 / Length: 1m, 27s

Team Valencia Biocampus explains their project in this animated video!

York UK 2013 - Improving Microbial Fuel Cell Technology
Submitter: York UK / Uploaded: 07/23/2013 / Length: 1m, 31s

"We envisage a world when our greatest source of power comes from the smallest organisms on earth, when your mobile phone may one day be powered by synthetically engineered microorganisms, and when non-renewable energy is a thing of the past."

Calgary 2012 - iGEM Style
Submitter: Calgary / Uploaded: 11/16/12 / Length: 3m, 42s

"Created as a reimagination of Psy's Gangnam Style music video in the true nerdy world of synthetic biology by the University of Calgary 2012 iGEM team. A look at the day in the life of a iGEM Style undergraduate scientist."

UC Chile 2012 - iGEM completo
Submitter: UC Chile / Uploaded: 11/7/12 / Length: 3m, 34s

"Fresh perspective: a first timer team's point of view of SynBio and iGEM by UC Chile."

Queens Canada 2012 - Learn PCR Through Dance!
Submitter: Queens Canada / Uploaded: 10/10/12 / Length: 2m, 06s

"As a part of our human practices project, we made a video that uses dance to explain the theory behind PCR! Share with your team, your next year's team and with your classmates. The goal is to make learning easier!"

Queens Canada 2012 - ChimeriQ x SynthetiQ
Submitter: Queens Canada / Uploaded: 10/10/12 / Length: 1m, 28s

"This is a short trailer that we made about our project and what you can expect to see from us at this year's Regional Jamboree!"

uOttawa CA 2012 - The Nature of Synthetic Biology Trailer
Submitter: uOttawa CA 2012 Team / Uploaded: 10/5/12 / Length: 1m, 29s

"This year, the uOttawa iGEM Team produced a full-length documentary entitled "The Nature of Synthetic Biology". The video discusses the definition of a synthetic organism, the potential dangers of introduction of synthetic organisms into the environment, and the ways in which synthetic biology should be regulated. Our documentary is designed to disseminate the key concepts and issues concerning synthetic biology to the general public, and is posted on YouTube to facilitate world-wide access."

SDU-Denmark 2012 - GMO's and ethics
Submitter: SDU-Denmark 2012 Team / Uploaded: 10/3/12 / Length: 9m, 17s

"During this year's iGEM competition, we were involved in the making of a informational video in cooperation with several other iGEM teams around the world. Very early on it was decided that the product of our labor should be focused on the ethical aspects of synthetic biology but also teach the public about iGEM and synthetic biology in general."

NRP-UEA-Norwich 2012 - Quanticare Cura Tattoo Product Launch
Submitter: NRP-UEA-Norwich 2012 Team / Uploaded: 9/28/12 / Length: 4m, 19s

"This is a fictitious concept video produced by the Norwich Research Park and University of East Anglia 2012 iGEM Team. It explores a futuristic world where synthetic biology is commonplace, and comes in the form product launch of a biosensing tattoo named 'Cura'. Cura is produced with immortalised cells containing specific gene systems, allowing each strand of the tattoo to sense different chemicals within the body and either report on changes or act upon changes itself, harnessing the power and potential of synthetic biology."

ZJU-China 2012 - The Scaffold in Syn and Bio's Love
Submitter: ZJU-China 2012 Team / Uploaded: 9/28/12 / Length: 4m, 49s

"Do you believe in true love and want to know more about RNA Scaffold? Check out an awesome musical comic video from ZJU-China team! Enjoy the romantic love story of Syn & Bio!"

Shenzhen 2012 - Project YAO #1.0
Submitter: Shenzhen 2012 Team / Uploaded: 9/26/12 / Length: 1m, 34s

"In iGEM 2012, team Shenzhen is to construct a real semiautonomous organelle from the natural one, yeast mitochondrion. We call it Yeast Artificial Organelle, and YAO for short. Click for more details."

Shenzhen 2012 - Stories of Team
Submitter: Shenzhen 2012 Team / Uploaded: 9/26/12 / Length: 0m, 27s

"Shenzhen is a special consortium named after a city. Team members are not from one school, but eight, including HUST, SCU, SCUT, UESTC, WHU, SCNU, SEU and CUHK. Click to find their stories in Shenzhen!"

Fatih-Medical 2012 - Project Description
Submitter: Fatih-Medical 2012 Team / Uploaded: 9/26/12 / Length: 2m, 06s

"Our project description for ''Cancel the Cancer''. We hope this video will provide you a quick, comfortable look at our project."

OUC-China 2012 - Synthetic Biology in Qingdao
Submitter: OUC-China 2012 Team / Uploaded: 9/19/12 / Length: 2m, 45s

"As the sole igem team from Shandong Province, OUCigem has made huge efforts to bring synthetic biology into our school. Beside academic preparation, we have also organized a lot of social actiivities to publicize synthetic biology: we introduces synthetic biology to students in local high school; we are setting up a system for educating new college igemers for the next generation of Synthetic Biologists; we as well built good cooperation with QIBEBT. We believe OUCigemers will make more and better progress in the future."

METU 2012 - Team Video
Submitter: METU 2012 Team / Uploaded: 9/17/12 / Length: 2m, 46s

"Hi, we are METU team. After several ideas and shootings and several disappointments with our team video, we thought why so serious, we have tons of funny clips we shot for ourselves. So with the aid of a small camera and this years funny and catchy songs, we edited our small funny video clips to show the iGEM community our fun team and share our fun in the lab with all of you."

Peking 2012 - Historic iGEM Projects Review
Submitter: Peking 2012 Team / Uploaded: 9/13/12 / Length: 9m, 32s

"Sharing and learning from each other is one of the most important features of the iGEM competition, in that any lack of experience could be well ameliorated by studying the projects and the way of presenting them of other and/or previous teams. We managed to introduce you some representative projects from different perspective. And we hope this collection might help iGEMers with their projects and presentations."

Peking 2012 - Sowing Tomorrow's Synthetic Biologists
Submitter: Peking 2012 Team / Uploaded: 9/13/12 / Length: 2m, 58s

"As an emerging field, Synthetic Biology calls for more lively and intelligent young minds to generate ideas with great potentials. This summer, Peking2012 iGEM team has done a great job to motivate high school students to study Synthetic Biology and to guide them toward future participation in iGEM competition."

Autodesk - Docking Animations (tutorial)
Submitter: Autodesk / Uploaded: 9/13/12 / Length: 4m, 45s

This introduction tutorial was produced as a resource for students of iGEM 2012 to get familiarized with Autodesk Maya 2012 and Molecular Maya v1.2.

Autodesk - Material Attributes (tutorial)
Submitter: Autodesk / Uploaded: 9/13/12 / Length: 2m, 35s

This introduction tutorial was produced as a resource for students of iGEM 2012 to get familiarized with Autodesk Maya 2012 and Molecular Maya v1.2.

Autodesk - mMaya Basics (tutorial)
Submitter: Autodesk / Uploaded: 9/13/12 / Length: 4m, 30s

This introduction tutorial was produced as a resource for students of iGEM 2012 to get familiarized with Autodesk Maya 2012 and Molecular Maya v1.2.

Fatih-Medical 2012 - Team Video
Submitter: Fatih-Medical 2012 Team / Uploaded: 9/7/12 / Length: 3m, 33s

''Hi! We are the Fatih-Medical Team. In our project, we're dealing with a severe disease like cancer. But this fact didn't prevent us from also having fun at our lab work. We're pleased to introduce our team. Enjoy our video!''

Dundee 2012 - We Didn't Mess Our Clones Up
Submitter: Dundee 2012 Team / Uploaded: 9/7/12 / Length: 4m, 54s

"We here at Dundee University have re-written a popular Billy Joel anthem to celebrate the ecstasy of successful cloning, and the agony of when it all goes wrong. We think all other participants can relate to this tale."

Tec-Monterrey 2012 - A day at the lab
Submitter: Tec-Monterrey 2012 Team / Uploaded: 9/6/12 / Length: 1m, 35s

"Hello! We are Team Tec-Monterrey from Monterrey, México. We have been working really hard all summer but also having loads of fun. In this video you take a glance at a normal day at our lab. Don't forget to visit our wiki for more fun stuff."

Paris Bettencourt 2012 - Project overview
Submitter: Paris Bettencourt 2012 Team / Uploaded: 9/1/12 / Length: 2m, 16s

Team Paris Bettencourt made this video to introduce their project!

NYMU-Taipei 2012 - Taiwan iGEM Meet-Up
Submitter: NYMU-Taipei 2012 Team / Uploaded: 8/13/12 / Length: 0m, 49s

Team NYMU-Taipei made this video for their team meet-up!

Edinburgh 2012 - Project Abstract
Submitter: Edinburgh 2012 Team / Uploaded: 7/24/12 / Length: 2m, 55s

Team Edinburgh describes their goals and project in this video!

Bielefeld-Germany 2012 - Introducing the Team
Submitter: Bielefeld-Germany 2012 Team / Uploaded: 7/19/12 / Length: 3m, 13s

Team Bielefeld-Germany made this video to introduce their team members!

University College London 2012 - Plastic Republic Trailer
Submitter: University College London 2012 Team / Uploaded: 7/19/12 / Length: 1m, 20s

Team University College London created this fundraising video explaining their project!

Calgary 2011 - iGEM Music Video
Submitter: Calgary 2011 Team / Uploaded: 11/3/11 / Length: 4m, 04s

Team Calgary condenses their iGEM experience into an awesome music video (to the tune of Katy Perry's TGIF). Play it while you're working in the lab!

Rathenau Instituut - Meeting of Young Minds
Submitter: Rathenau Instituut / Uploaded: 11/2/11 / Length: 4m, 37s

"The Rathenau Instituut organised a Meeting of Young Minds the evening before the Europe Regional Jamboree, in which political youth organisations from the Netherlands and the iGEM participants debated the future of synthetic biology."

Paris Bettencourt 2011 - Protocol (the song)
Submitter: Paris Bettencourt 2011 Team / Uploaded: 10/28/11 / Length: 1m, 13s

"Protocol is about something deep inside our hearts: cloning & transformations. What if I was DNA and able to feel & think?"

Johns Hopkins 2011 - Sliced bread just got better
Submitter: Johns Hopkins 2011 Team / Uploaded: 10/24/11 / Length: 3m, 15s

"The Johns Hopkins Team have synthetically modified a yeast cell to produce beta carotene. When baked into bread and consumed, it could provide easy access to vitamin A for struggling nations that face malnutrition."

SYSU-China 2011 - iGEM Project Introduction
Submitter: SYSU-China 2011 Team / Uploaded: 10/12/11 / Length: 3m, 17s

"Team SYSU-China designed a video to introduce their project!"

Nevada 2011 - iGEM Concert Fundraiser
Submitter: Nevada 2011 Team / Uploaded: 10/5/11 / Length: 1m, 50s

"Team Nevada organized a concert fundraiser at the University of Nevada!"

Imperial College London 2011 - Meet the Team
Submitter: Imperial College London 2011 Team / Uploaded: 10/4/11 / Length: 2m, 15s

"Imperial College London made this video to introduce members of their 2011 iGEM team!"

Penn State 2011 - (Re)Designing Life
Submitter: Penn State 2011 Team / Uploaded: 10/03/11 / Length: 12m, 43s

"The Penn State team developed a video that explains synthetic biology in an understandable way for any general audience."

UNAM-Genomics Mexico 2011 - UNAM-Genomics (Trailer)
Submitter: UNAM-Genomics Mexico 2011 Team / Uploaded: 10/03/11 / Length: 0m, 56s

"Team UNAM-Genomics Mexico made a video which depicts one of the central ideas of their Human Practice project. "

UNICAMP-EMSE Brazil 2011 - Genetic Engineering
Submitter: UNICAMP-EMSE_Brazil 2011 Team / Uploaded: 9/28/11 / Length: 13m, 30s

"UNICAMP-EMSE Brazil team students prepared a video class to disseminate Genetic Engineering and Synthetic Biology using easy and simple language."

Tech Futures Summit 2011: Deploying Innovation
Submitter: Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures / Uploaded: 9/23/11 / Length: 4m, 55s

"Researchers and industry reps from across Alberta’s innovation system gathered in Banff, AB for a summit about how they are facing challenges in bringing their technology from the lab to market. Meet a few of those attending and what they had to say."

Bielefeld-Germany 2011 - The Bisphenol A-Team
Submitter: Bielefeld-Germany 2011 Team / Uploaded: 9/22/11 / Length: 1m, 35s

"The Team Bielefeld-Germany introduces themselves as the 'The Bisphenol A-Team'."

TU Munich 2011 - Introducing Synthetic Biology
Submitter: TU Munich 2011 Team / Uploaded: 9/21/11 / Length: 6m, 14s

"This is a stop motion / clay animation video introducing to the world of synthetic biology within the context of the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM) 2011."

Lyon-INSA-ENS 2011 - Cobalt buster presentation
Submitter: Lyon-INSA-ENS 2011 Team / Uploaded: 9/19/11 / Length: 1m, 30s

"A video presenting our project this year : building a biofilter using adherent bacteria to capture cobalt from radioactive effluents"

Lyon-INSA-ENS 2011 - Cobalt Buster in music!!
Submitter: Lyon-INSA-ENS 2011 Team / Uploaded: 9/19/11 / Length: 4m, 04s

"Introduction in a funny way of our team, our project and at the same time of the main principles of the iGEM competition."

UNITS Trieste 2011 - Synbiome
Submitter: UNITS Trieste 2011 Team / Uploaded: 9/16/11 / Length: 2m, 21s

"An innovative synthetic biome in which bacteria and eukaryotic cells need each other to survive."

UANL Mty-Mexico 2011 - iGEM Factory
Submitter: UANL Mty-Mexico 2011 Team / Uploaded: 9/5/11 / Length: 1m, 25s

"iGEM Factory is a video for showing what UANL_Mty-Mexico team does at lab."

Queens Canada 2011 - Project Video
Submitter: Queens Canada 2011 Team / Uploaded: 8/12/11 / Length: 1m, 33s

"We are in the process of transforming the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans into a soil bioremediation toolkit with a specific focus on naphthalene."

Colombia 2011 - Project Video
Submitter: Colombia 2011 Team / Uploaded: 7/15/11 / Length: 1m, 40s

Check out the 2011 Colombia Team's project: "How the E. coli will destroy all phytopathogens!"

Freiburg 2011 - Lab in a Cell
Submitter: Freiburg 2011 Team / Uploaded: 7/22/11 / Length: 2m, 48s

Check out the 2011 Freiburg Team's Lab in a Cell project: "to transform protein expression in bacterial systems into an elegant, fast and affordable process."

EPF Lausanne 2010 Movie
Submitter: EPF_Lausanne 2010 Team / Uploaded: 10/16/10 / Length: 3m, 23s

For the human practices section of their project, the 2010 EPF_Lausanne Team created a movie to help a wider audience better understand synthetic biology.

Cambridge 2010 Gibson Assembly Song
Submitter: Cambridge 2010 Team / Uploaded: 10/6/10 / Length: 3m, 52s

The Cambridge 2010 team serenade us with the benefits of Gibson Assembly

Submitter: BioBuilder / Uploaded: 6/17/11 / Length: 2m, 48s

BioBuilder® is an open-access website offering informative animations and activities for anyone who wants to teach or learn about synthetic biology.