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A message from the iGEM Europe Committee - "This video section includes general information about iGEM and the competitions, past and present!"
Join iGEM 2012 Europe!
Attribution: iGEM Europe Committee / Uploaded: 3/1/12 / Length: 1m, 3s

Join the NO. 1 Synthetic Biology competition. Start a team and sign up before 31 March 2012!

The iGEM Distribution and YOU
Uploaded: 6/21/11 / Length: 5m, 14s

An inside look into iGEM Headquarters, and how we get the distribution out to teams and labs.

Bubbly Enthusiasm
Interviewee: Alja Oblak (iGEM 2006 - Team Slovenia) / Uploaded: 3/9/10 / Length: 3m, 25s

An interview with Alja Oblak from the iGEM 2006 Slovenia team, winners of the Grand Prize BioBrick trophy for that year.

Safety in iGEM
Uploaded: 6/17/11 / Length: 8m, 44s

An overview of safety considerations that teams should take when working on iGEM projects.

iGEM 2007 Slideshow
Uploaded: 6/17/11 / Length: 2m, 31s

Slideshow of the iGEM 2007 Jamboree

iGEM 2007 Dance!
Uploaded: 6/17/11 / Length: 44s