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Welcome to the iGEM Videos Page! You can watch or download videos here that will help you better understand the iGEM organization, the iGEM community, and synthetic biology. We will continue to upload videos throughout the year so check back with us! If you have any suggestions, or if you have a video that would be a nice addition to this page, please send us an email at hq (at) igem (dot) org


2019 Wrap Video: re-live the Jamboree

2019 Opening Ceremony

2019 President's Message

High School Awards Ceremony

Collegiate Awards Ceremony P.1

View more videos from 2019, including finalist presentations and Collegiate Awards Ceremony P.2:


2018 Wrap Video: re-live the Jamboree

2018 Opening Ceremony

2018 President's Message

2018 Chairman's Award

2018 Giant Jamboree - Keynote Speakers

Safety and Security

Human Practices



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