Synthetic Biology

based on standard parts

Team List For iGEM 2019 Championship

8 teams had registered, these teams remain.
Team (Information)WikiRegionCountry *TrackKindApplication
AlmaWikiNorth AmericaUnited StatesCollegiate2019-02-17
AmazingWikiLatin AmericaUnited StatesCommunity Lab2019-02-15
Best_ExampleWikiNorth AmericaUnited StatesCollegiate2019-02-15
ExampleWikiNorth AmericaUnited StatesDiagnosticsCollegiate2018-03-26
Example_HSWikiNorth AmericaUnited StatesHigh SchoolHigh School2019-02-15
ManchesterWikiEuropeUnited KingdomCollegiate2019-02-18
ml_testWikiEuropeUnited StatesHigh SchoolHigh School2019-02-15
* The term "country" in normal commercial use may refer to a country, region, province, or other economic area.
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