International Genetically Engineered Machine


iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) pioneered the synthetic biology industry and continues to advance the field through education, competition, and innovation.

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iGEM Programs & Projects

  • iGEM Competition & Giant Jamboree
  • Committees
  • History
  • Local People Solving Local Problems
  • Tackling Global Challenges

iGEM Beyond the Competition

  • Setting the Industry Standard
  • Companies With Roots in iGEM
  • After iGEM's work in Championing Synthetic Biology
  • Partnerships
  • How to Get Involved


Press Releases

View the Competition results and program announcements.

Blog & Digest

Sharing stories and insights from our community.

iGEM in the news

A growing collection of articles featuring iGEM teams and projects.


Visit us at an event and hear from iGEM thought leadership.

Learn more about iGEM

Champions of Synthetic Biology

A global community of students and industry professionals working to advance the field of synthetic biology.

Setting the Standard

Learn more about iGEM Committees and their work in setting the industry standards

Companies With Roots in iGEM

iGEM projects serve as proofs of concepts and prototypes, contributing to over 150 startups.

Building Solutions

Learn how iGEMers around the globe are addressing regional and global challenges both inside and outside the lab.

iGEM 2020 Competition

Each year, 6,000+ university participants from across the globe take part in the iGEM Competition.

Giant Jamboree

Synthetic Biology’s largest innovation gathering and the culminating event of the iGEM Competition.

After iGEM

Supporting a community of 45,000+ students and professionals in synthetic biology


Supporting iGEM and providing teams access to state of the art resources and technology


Welcome to iGEM

A message from Meagan Lizarazo, Vice President.
Visit the competition site to learn more.

Safety in iGEM

A message from Piers Millet, Director of Safety and Security.
Visit Safety @ iGEM and the Competition Safety Hub to learn more.

Human Practices at iGEM

A message from Megan Palmer, Director of Human Practices.
Visit the Human Practices Hub to learn more.

Experience iGEM

Experience the excitement of the iGEM Giant Jamboree.

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