International Genetically Engineered Machine

iGEM Committees

iGEM is supported by more than 100 experts who volunteer their time to support, consult and advise iGEM on issues related to conduct, safety and ethics; shaping the way we think about and perform synthetic biology work.

These dedicated volunteers and champions of synthetic biology are each experts from industry, academia and government with backgrounds in government regulation, environmental biosafety, laboratory biosafety and biosecurity.

iGEM Committee members at the 2018 Giant Jamboree

Measurement Committee

Working to improve the accessibility and practice of measurement at iGEM and the larger synthetic biology community.

Safety and Security Committee

Integrating an increasingly adaptive risk management approach to synthetic biology.

Human Practices Committee

Advocating for responsible innovation and providing a platform for discussing bioethics.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Encouraging gender-balanced teams and inclusiveness of all backgrounds and cultures.

Responsible Conduct Committee

Ensuring a high standard of conduct among all participants, upholding the values of iGEM.

Executive Judging Committee

Recognizing areas of excellence while providing constructive and positive feedback to the teams.

Video and Remote Technology Committee

Bringing video technologies and remote participation to the iGEM Competition

EPIC Committee

Supporting the development of iGEMs entrepreneurial community

After iGEM Committees

Developing After iGEM initiatives for the benefit of iGEM Alumni and teams