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The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of synthetic biology, education and competition, and the development of an open community and collaboration.

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iGEM 2019 Announcements

BioRoboost International Workshop on Synthetic Biology: beyond standardization

The chair of iGEM's Measurement Committee, Dr. Jake Beal, spoke today at the BioRoboost meeting in Madrid about "How the iGEM competition is shaping a global SynBio community". The BioRoboost meeting will discuss challenges of biological standardisation, internationalisation, synbio chassis, biosafety and biosecurity over its two day schedule in Madrid, Spain.

See what else we're up to #beyondthecompetition

iGEM teams innovate faster with a free Benchling account!

Benchling is partnering with iGEM for the first time to help iGEM teams accelerate their work! In 2019, all iGEM teams can sign up for FREE Benchling accounts. iGEMers will get special access to an enterprise feature, Benchling Sync, and 10 GB of extra space.

Job Opportunity at iGEM Headquarters

iGEM is hiring a laboratory intern to assist with the iGEM-Twist synthesis pilot program at iGEM Headquarters in Boston, USA. Previous participation in iGEM is required (including students, instructors, judges, or other participants). Visit the iGEM Jobs page below for more information:

iGEMers can count on MathWorks!

MathWorks has shown its unwavering support to iGEM teams since 2008, through their continued generosity of offering complimentary software and technical mentoring of our growing community. For 2019, iGEM teams can continue to count on MathWorks: All teams are eligible to receive a complimentary software kit from MathWorks with 13 free products including MATLAB, SimBiology, Simulink and more!

Even more synthesis for teams

Twist Bioscience is helping change the way iGEMers share in the 2019 Competition. For the first time, teams don't have to ship samples to HQ - Twist Bioscience will synthesize them! In addition, they will offer every team complimentary 10 kb of Gene Fragments in 2019:

Thank you, IDT!

Once again, every iGEM team will receive up to 20kb of free custom DNA or Alt-R® CRISPR Genome Editing products from IDT in 2019! IDT's partnership with iGEM over the last 6 years completely transformed the way that iGEMers around the world do synthetic biology, and was a big step towards bringing our vision to life. We are incredibly thankful for IDT's continued support for iGEM!

GenScript: Making Research Easy for iGEMers

GenScript has been a supporter of the iGEM Competition for 10 years. Apart from offering team grants and discounts, GenScript has been providing critical support to teams in China by shipping the DNA Distribution Kits since 2016. Thank you GenScript for your continued partnership! Learn more about GenScript's team sponsorship opportunity for 2019:

Promega: Supporting the Next Generation of Innovators

Promega believes that mutual advancement can only be achieved by working in harmony. That's why for 2019 Promega is partnering with iGEM, and giving away up to $2000 of free Promega products to 10 iGEM teams. iGEMers can also call Promega's technical support scientists for technical help at any time! Learn more about Promega's offer for teams:

Opentrons to partner with iGEM for second year

We are happy to welcome Opentrons for a second year of partnership with iGEM. Opentrons is empowering iGEMers to collaborate and create reproducible methods through automation. For 2019, Opentrons will continue their giveaway of free OT-2 pipetting robots to 10 iGEM teams. Click below to learn more about Opentrons and what they are offering to teams in 2019.

Our Vision: Focus on Information

We recently announced several exciting changes to the iGEM 2019 Competition. These changes reflect the next step in moving towards our vision of synthetic biology -- one where you don't have to manipulate your DNA and instead can focus on the information, documentation, and characterization of your parts.

We're happy to share this vision with you and we invite you to join us in making it a reality. Read more at

iGEM is going sample submission free and Type IIS is now fully supported

With technologies ever changing, iGEM is changing too. For 2019, we are removing the requirement for teams to submit physical samples of their parts to HQ. We are now accepting parts in the Type IIS standard alongside the usual BioBrick RFC[10] standard. We are also including samples of Type IIS parts in Kit Plate 6 of the DNA Distribution Kit. These combined changes will give teams more flexibility, and allow teams to be closer to the cutting edge than ever before.

iGEM in The Economist

The Economist journalist, Oliver Morton, attended the iGEM 2018 Giant Jamboree. His subsequent piece titled, 'The engineering of living organisms could soon start changing everything' came out in the Economist this spring.

Read about iGEM in the Economist

What's trending in iGEM?

What is the most popular competition track? How many teams work in chassis other than E. coli? What are the most important research trends in iGEM?

Get answers to these questions and many more in the newly published iGEM 2018 Annual Report.

Team Registration Still Open!

The day we've all been waiting for is finally here! Team registration for the 2019 Competition is now officially open. Visit the registration information page for instructions, including information about deadlines, fees, and other materials you'll need to register your team.

Regular registration ended on March 31, but Late registration is open through May!

Apply to Join the iGEM Diversity Committee

The iGEM Diversity Committee is looking for new members in 2019!

Our committee works to make iGEM as inclusive as possible for people from all different backgrounds. For more information about our committee, please visit the Diversity Committee page.

If you are interested in joining us, please share with us your ideas about the role that the diversity committee should have within iGEM, as well as some ideas for how our committee could improve the diversity of iGEM in the upcoming years.

You can contact us at: diversity [AT] igem [DOT] org. Applications close February 20, 2019.

iGEM in Genesis 2.0

What do woolly mammoth hunters, iGEM, George Church, and dog cloning have in common? For the first time, they appear together in a full-length award-winning documentary: Genesis 2.0.

The film touches on topics that have always surrounded genetic technologies, (including ethics, economic standing, 'playing god') and is bound to draw mixed reactions both from the public and within the iGEM community. We want to know what you think of the film. What human practices issues do you see reflected on in the film? What issues should the film have addressed? How would you engage around such issues? Join the conversation:

Through our Human Practices program, iGEM has always encouraged not just discussion and reflection, but integration of ethical considerations to the entire practice of synthetic biology. Learn more about Human Practices at iGEM.

Were you at #iGEM2016?

On the lighter side: If you were at the 2016 Giant Jamboree, you might find yourself in this film! Oscar Nominated director Christian Frei attended the Giant Jamboree with George Church.

- Find a Screening: The film was released this week and is currently playing at the IFC Center in New York, and will be coming to Los Angeles soon. Find a screening here.
- Watch the Trailer: Find yourself in the trailer for Genesis 2.0 here.

Posted: January 3, 2019

Announcing The Thomas F. Knight Matching Fund

You may be surprised to hear that 90% of iGEM’s funding comes from the Competition. While that allows us to run the Competition, it does not support expansion or new programs. We want to do more: We have the vision, and we need your help to see it through.

We ask you now for your help to take iGEM to the next level. iGEM visionary and synthetic biology pioneer Tom Knight has already pledged his support, and today we are delighted to announce the creation of the Thomas F. Knight Matching Fund.

This is the first time iGEM has raised money with the help of a matching fund, and we would like to invite you to take this rare chance to double your impact if you donate by December 31, 2018. Learn more.

iGEM Statement on Gene Editing

In light of the recent news out of the International Summit on Human Genome Editing, we wanted to share our perspective as a leading organization in the synthetic biology industry.
Read iGEM's Statement on Gene Editing.

Get ready for iGEM 2019

Start forming your team now!

The Giant Jamboree dates for 2019 are finalized. Get ready to start your 2019 team!

IDT Renews Synthesis Sponsorship

Teams Continue to Live in the Future with Help from IDT

With many thanks to IDT, we are excited to continue working with them to allow teams to live in the future that we all envision -- synthesis. IDT has given 20,000 bases of FREE DNA to all teams competing in iGEM and have renewed their support for the 2019 season. Thank you, IDT!

iGEM 2018 Announcements

iGEM 2018 is Over

340 Competition Teams Present Their Projects and Experience the Giant Jamboree

Winners include Valencia, Spain, Marburg, Germany, and Shenzhen, China. View the official press release. For the full list of results and a recap of of the season at

New Partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks

Ginkgo Gives Back to Their Roots on Their 10th Anniversary

We are excited to announce today a new partnership between Ginkgo Bioworks and iGEM! Ginkgo’s five co-founders have a long history with iGEM. After participating in iGEM’s early days, Ginkgo was founded in 2008. Ten years later, they are excited to give back to their roots and seed the next generation of leadership in synthetic biology.

As lead partners, Ginkgo and iGEM are delighted to formalize a relationship that began so long ago.

See the press release here.

IDT Special Announcement for iGEM teams

All participating iGEM 2018 Teams are offered 20 kb of FREE custom DNA or Alt-R® CRISPR Genome Editing products.

For the 3rd year in a row, IDT is partnering with iGEM to provide iGEM teams with unprecedented access to DNA synthesis, in a collaboration valued at over $1,000,000 USD. Cost is no longer a limiting factor in your synthesis needs. Teams can now live in the future of synthetic biology: focusing on project design and characterization instead of cost. IDT will provide all registered iGEM teams with 20 kb of DNA synthesis in the form of gBlocks® Gene Fragments, free of charge!

For the first time ever, IDT will also include CRISPR Genome Editing products in the offer.

Learn more about IDT's offer.

Promega & iGEM

A new iGEM Partner sponsor of iGEM 2018

Promega believes that mutual advancement can only be achieved by working in harmony and that the best benefits we receive come from the prosperity of our communities. For Promega, and for iGEM, this often means fostering education and advancement of the next generation of scientists and innovators – all of you iGEMers.

Learn more about Promega's sponsorship and Team Grant opportunity for iGEM 2018 teams.

MathWorks and iGEM

Celebrating 10 years of supporting iGEM

From 90 teams in 2008 to over 300 in 2017, MathWorks has shown its unwavering support to iGEM teams, through their continued generosity of offering complimentary software and technical mentoring of our growing community.

Learn more about MathWorks sponsorship and free MATLAB license for iGEM 2018 teams.

Welcome to iGEM 2018

Build a better world by participating in iGEM 2018

The iGEM 2018 competition season is official open! Visit for all competition related details, news, and announcements. To learn more about competition requirements and team registration, visit

For registration deadlines and details click here

Join After iGEM

We are proud to anounce the launch of After iGEM. Be a part of iGEM beyond the competition and join at

iGEM 2018

Coming Soon! Check back often for more on iGEM 2018. To learn more about the competition and see work from the completed season, visit the iGEM 2017 competition page.

iGEM 2017 Competition Results

Teams from Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Taiwan earned top recognition as 310 student-led teams from 44 countries took part in the iGEM Competition. View our official press release. Make sure to visit the results page for the complete list of winners.

iGEM 2017 Announcements

EXHIBIT at the Giant Jamboree

Exhibitor opportunities include:

Exhibitor Booth: An amazing opportunity for our attendees to get to know you and for you to meet with the 3,000 members of our synthetic biology community, comprised of academics and experts from around the globe.
Career Fair: Recruit for open position or graduate programs.As part of the iGEM 2017 Giant Jamboree weekend, iGEM is hosting a career fair event to help connect leaders in industry and academia with the synthetic biology community.
Register before August 25, 2017 and be recognized in the event booklet!

REGISTER Early for the Jamboree and Avoid Late Fees
The Giant Jamboree is open to the public, and all are welcome to attend and celebrate the achievements of our remarkable teams. Be among leaders and join 3,000 attendees from academia and industry. Uncover trends & innovations as top institutions showcase their projects. Register before August 31, 2017 and avoid late fees!

NOTE: All iGEM 2017 teams must register and pay to attend the Giant Jamboree by the August 31 deadline. By registering to attend, you secure your team presentation slot and poster slot at the Giant Jamboree. If your team does not register to attend, we will assume that you will not be attending the Giant Jamboree and your team will not receive an assignment.

Introducing iGEMeta
iGEMeta is an initiative to bring together the iGEM community through data. Through iGEM's history, the competition has generated about 2,000 projects, from over 40 countries which the help of 30,000 participants. This immense amount of work and data generated by our community can now be viewed through the sophisticated analysis from Just One Giant Lab (JoGL)
Through iGEMeta we reflect upon the achievements of the past and draw conclusions to improve the competition and synthetic biology. We hope that our efforts highlight the best of iGEM and capture the scale of what our community can and has already done. Map team progress by visiting iGEMeta.
See how wiki edits impact team performance by viewing a 'waterfall' image, heat map of team behavior and collaboration diagram.

ATTEND the Giant Jamboree

The Giant Jamboree is an annual event that showcases work from the iGEM Competition. All iGEM teams are invited to present their synthetic biology projects and compete for prizes. This year 310 international, multidisciplinary teams (at the university and high school level) are participating in the iGEM competition and are eager to share and celebrate their work. The event takes place on November 9-13 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA, USA.

30% OFF SynBioBeta events - Offer Open to ALL iGEMers
Interested in attending the next SynBioBeta event? SynBioBeta San Francisco will be held on October 3-5, 2017 and all iGEMers (past and current participants) qualify for a 30% discount off their attendance fee. Learn more about this offer (and all Partner Special Offers) by visiting: page.

Giant Jamboree VOLUNTEERS
The iGEM 2017 Giant Jamboree will be from Thursday November 9 to Monday November 13 in the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts, and we're looking for volunteers to help with the event! Join us and see iGEM behind the scenes.

310 Teams are Participating in iGEM 2017!

See where all the teams are from by accessing the interactive Google map below.

Apply to JUDGE the iGEM Competition!
We are looking for talented and enthusiastic people to apply to judge teams at the iGEM 2017 Giant Jamboree. Last year, we had about 150 volunteer judges from many different disciplines, from all over the world to evaluate our 300 teams. Apply by June 30th!

iGEM speaking at SB7.0 in Singapore
iGEM is attending the 7th international meeting on Synthetic Biology on June 13 - 16 in Singapore. Make sure to stop by and say hello at our exhibitor booth and come hear iGEM's talks.

  • Meagan Lizarazo, iGEM Vice President, will be a speaker in the 'Sharing & Education' session on June 15 at 1:30p - 3:30p
  • Piers Millett, Director of iGEM Safety & Security, will be a speaker in the 'Security' session on June 15 at 11:00a - 12:30p
  • Megan Palmer, Director of Human Practices, will be a speaker in the 'Security' session on June 15 at 11:00a - 12:30p

iGEM speaking at SynBioBeta London
iGEM will participate in the 'World Showcase' Lighning talk on Tuesday April 4th. Attending the event? Make sure to stop by and say hello at our exhibitor booth. Meagan Lizarazo, iGEM Vice President, will be joining industry leaders on April 4th at the Session1: Lightning Talks, World Showcase. Come and learn what's new with iGEM and make sure to stop at our booth for some tasty treats!

iGEM Strategy Retreat: Engaging the Community
iGEM hosted its first global strategy meeting in Granada, Spain in February, 2017. Over 20 leading experts in synthetic biology from Europe, North America, and Asia joined iGEM headquarters for this inaugural meeting.

With the goal of understanding regional dynamics, all participants were invited to discuss their experiences and views about iGEM and synthetic biology overall. The meeting also focused on enhancing the iGEM community experience beyond that of the competition and the Giant Jamboree. Look for more details on community engagement activities in the upcoming months as we prepare to introduce a new program for 2017 and beyond!

To learn more about what was discussed visit

iGEM Safety & Security Retreat: Engaging the Community
In February 2017, iGEM held it's first Safety and Security Retreat. The meeting brought together experts from around the world, and looked at both emerging issues that could challenge safety and security in synthetic biology and what iGEM might need to do to address them.

Efforts at the meeting were expert-led, drawing upon the collective knowledge present to help identify issues iGEM will need to deal with in the shorter-term and those we will need to consider in the years to come. This meeting was the first in a series of planned events on safety and security.

To learn more about what was discussed visit the here and remember to check out the Safety Hub for competition related details.

iGEM's ground breaking work on safety and security was showcased at SXSW on March 15th. A panel arguing that it was time for a security update for biotechnology saw iGEM's work in this area being highlighted as how to effectively build a security culture and laying the foundations for more sustainable, scalable, security solutions. The panel included current or former iGEM track and committee chairs in software, human practices and safety and security.

Learn more by visiting: Biotechnology Needs a Security Update

Sponsor iGEM and Show your SUPPORT to Teams
Not a team member, no problem! Become a Partner and support teams and the iGEM Program. Have the next iGEM project be on your focus area with our Partner Innovation Proposals or have your product or service be integral to their work by offering Partner Special Offers

Become a Mentor and help current teams navigate through iGEM. Give advice and share your experiences and lessons learned with teams new to iGEM.

Team Registration for iGEM 2017 is OPEN!
We look forward to welcoming you to iGEM 2017! To register you team just have your team PI create an user account, complete the team application and submit the team registration fee.

Are you a High School team or Community Lab team? Please see your additional team registration materials.

Avoid late fees and register your team before March 31, 2017

Check out the 2017 Competition Hub to learn about iGEM 2017! Here you'll find details about Team Requirements, Registration, Rules of Conduct, Required Deliverables, Track Selection, and Positive Contribution. All team members should read through everything on the Competition Hub before kicking off your iGEM project!

iGEM PLOS Online Peer Review Jamboree
On the 28th of January, iGEM, PLOS and Breezio hosted the first online Peer-Review Jamboree for iGEM 2016 projects. Twenty-two teams submitted high quality manuscripts through the Breezio online platform to be considered for review in PLOS Collections. 73 users from 17 countries left almost four hundred comments for the authors of the articles.

Please see our PLOS iGEM Collaboration page for more information about the event, links to papers and instructions on next steps for authors.

iGEM speaks at United Nations Biodiversity Conference​
This past December Meagan Lizarazo, iGEM Vice President, made a statement in support of synthetic biology at the United Nations BioDiversity Conference in Cancun, Mexico. iGEM headquarter staff, along with 5 iGEM delegates, participated in the event, joining over 7,000 participants from 170 countries and over 400 organizations as they came together to address biodiversity on a global scale. For more on the conference and iGEM's participation visit us at:

Welcome to
iGEM is excited to announce the launch of the iGEM 2017 competition website! will be your key resource for all competition related details and announcements. Visit this page often for news and updates. To get started, learn about competition requirements and registration by visiting Major deadlines have been posted! See the competition calendar for details on when things are due by visiting: ​

Partner Offer: iGEMers receive 30% off SynBioBeta Event Registration
A special discount offer is available for the iGEM community. Both past and present iGEM participants can attend SynBioBeta London (April 4-6) and SynBioBeta San Francisco (October 3-5) at a discounted price. To learn more about SynBioBeta and receive your 30% discount code click here.

iGEM 2017 announces Partner Sponsor & Special Offers
We are proud to announce our Partner Sponsors & Special Offers for iGEM 2017. We welcoming back IDT's free custom DNA offer, Mathwork's free software kit (includes 12 products!) and Agilent's free SureVector kit. Visit the Partner's page to learn more and make sure to check back often for the latest updates.

New to iGEM? Not sure what to expect?
Experience iGEM by looking back at the completed season. Visit the official iGEM 2016 Giant Jamboree photo library or watch the wrap up video of event highlights here.

iGEM in the News!
Hear what others are saying about iGEM. Visit the iGEM in the News page for a growing list of articles and videos.

iGEM 2016 Announcements

Giant Jamboree Accommodations: Sheraton Hotel Room block sold out
Attention all iGEM Teams: The Sheraton Hotel room block is sold out.Please see the Giant Jamboree Accommodations page for additional suggestions for nearby hotels.

Looking for iGEM Delegates
iGEM Headquarters is preparing to participate in Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP 13). In this event, delegates from all over the world will discuss synthetic biology and its research. iGEM is looking for enthusiastic candidates who would like to join us for this conference. Visit COPMOP page to apply.

iGEM HQ speaking at SynBioBeta SF 2016!

Exhibitor Opportunities at the Giant Jamboree!
Event Exhibitor: Meet with todays brightest young minds and experts in synthetic biology.
Career Fair Exhibitor: As part of the iGEM 2016 Giant Jamboree weekend, iGEM is hosting a career fair event on Sunday October 30 to foster relationships within the synthetic biology community. This unique opportunity offers top employers a chance to meet with iGEM participants and discuss career opportunities.

The event takes place at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA, USA.
Become an exhibitor by contacting us at hq AT igem DOT org or visit Giant Jamboree event page to learn more.

Workshops at the Giant Jamboree!
In addition to the main portion of the Jamboree which is the team presentations and posters, we will be offering workshop sessions on the latest opportunities, trends and advancements in synthetic biology. Visit our event page to learn more.

Giant Jamboree Registration!
Join us at the iGEM 2016 Giant Jamboree, an annual event that showcases work from the iGEM season. All iGEM teams are invited to present their synthetic biology projects and compete for prizes. This year iGEM will host over 275 international, multidisciplinary teams who are eager to share and celebrate their work. The event takes place at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA, USA.
To register, please see Giant Jamboree Registration.

Get ready for iGEM 2016! Be sure to read the requirements for participation, and see the Resources page for helpful information as you build your team and gather resources for participation.

Interested in joining the judging team for iGEM 2016? You can sign up to be notified when the judging application is open!