Labs Program

International Genetically Engineered Machine

Labs Program

In addition to running the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition, iGEM Headquarters also operates and maintains the Registry of Standard Biological Parts ( The Registry is the world's largest open-source community collection of standard parts, commonly called BioBricks. These parts meet established criteria for compatibility, allowing them to work together. The Registry of Standard Biological Parts has over 20,000 BioBricks, with open access to all participating groups.

Since 2004, academic research labs have had access to the Registry and its tools, just like iGEM competition teams. iGEM labs are asked to adhere to the Registry's philosophy of Get & Give, and submit both part documentation and samples they make back to the Registry. As a community collection of parts, the Registry depends on the contributions of its users to increase the quality of its samples and information.

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We are currently reviewing the Labs Program and are unable to sign up any new labs at this time. If you have questions about the Labs Program, please contact hq AT igem DOT org.