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In Memory of Austen Heinz

Austen Heinz was Founder and CEO of Cambrian Genomics. With his company, Austen hoped to change the world by democratizing access to DNA through cost-effective and fast DNA laser printing.

Austen got his start in synthetic biology by participating on the iGEM 2006 Duke team. From there he went on to Seoul National University and then returned to the US to work on launching his company. Cambrian Genomics was founded on Austen's ideas in 2011 and received much recognition and support over the years. In 2015, Austen and Cambrian Genomics participated in the Extreme Tech Challenge.

Austen was never afraid to speak his mind and his enthusiasm and dedication to synthetic biology and his company were an inspiration. His work had the potential to revolutionize synbio and the community was eagerly anticipating news from Cambrian. Some were lucky enough to witness the interior workings of Cambrian and experience Austen's generosity through his sponsorship of community events.

Our deepest condolences go out to Austen's family and friends. In lieu of flowers, the Heinz family has asked that donations be made to the iGEM Foundation. To make a donation, please go directly to iGEM's secure Network for Good donation page. For details on how to make an offline donation, see

Please note: when you make a donation, your memories & stories will be sent to Austen's family. They truly appreciate all of your messages.

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