How to organize your team

How to organize your team?

Since high school students tend to be involved in many different activities and high school is different around the globe, the format of the iGEM competition is very open-ended. Some schools will be able to use this competition as a part of the curriculum. Other schools iGEM HS will be an extra-curricular activity. There are some due dates for the teams, but the team leaders have the ability to organize for success. Below are some ideas to help guide team leaders.

Extra-Curricular Activity

Fall Semester August-December

  • Recruit students in your school or surrounding schools. Try to recruit from all levels, the only requirement should be that the student has passed Biology.
  • Register for the competition by February.
  • Do some activities or labs to help explain synthetic biology
  • Lay out lab procedures and who can be in the lab

Spring Semester

Start working in the lab:

  • Isolate genes
  • Combine parts
  • Transform into cells

Built into the class curriculum

Use iGEM HS as the final project for the class. If you want to compete in the Jamboree you have to register as an iGEM HS team by February.

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