HQ Internal FAQ

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Office Stuff

How do you transfer a phone call?

High School

Can a High School team add students after the registration deadline? (Will it mess up consent forms?)

Yes, they can -- they just need to send the consent forms before the rosters close.

What if a HS team has a delay in obtaining consent forms?

They should email us to explain the nature of the delay.

Do they really need to send the original hard copy of all consent forms?

Yes, no exceptions on this

Team Registration & Fees

Multiple team discount weird edge cases?

They should email us to explain the nature of their edge case and we will make a determination.

Late registration fee waivers

They should email us for a decision. The typical case is "we started the payment process, but it is taking too long because of unexpected bureaucracy, oh no!". Typically we ask to see documentation that they started trying to pay before the deadline.

Problems paying by credit card on RegOnline

International transactions: try contacting the credit card company and telling them you want to make a payment based in the US.

Institutional transactions: sometimes there is a per-transaction limit. Try paying multiple installments of $500 or more.

How do you check whether a team has paid in RegOnline and mark them as paid in our team management system?