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Previous iGEM Projects

On this page you can find a list of previous iGEM projects to learn more about how a synthetic biology project looks like and find inspiration to your own iGEM Design League project!

Phoenix Project

Over the past 17 years, there have been close to 3,000 teams that have participated in the iGEM competition. And one thing is for certain, these teams have proved to both the judges, and the world, that iGEMers are great at building things! The iGEM Competition, and by extension the entire iGEM community, is amazing at the design-build-test cycle. Every year, iGEM teams around the world generate hundreds of prototypes of solutions to both local and global problems that have the potential to change the world. Every year a small fraction of these projects continue, either in an academic setting or as a start-up.

The overarching goal of the Phoenix Project is to increase the number of projects that live on beyond their initial iGEM cycle. In this way, we hope that we, the iGEM community, can move forward in making engineering progress on these pressing issues by iterating on each others ideas. You can learn more about the Phoenix Project here.

Below are the team lists from 2004-2020, which contain information such as team names, locations, abstracts and medals they won. You can use the filter button in the top bar to filter the data to only show teams from your country, or teams from your track, or both. You can also group and sort the data by whatever metrics are important to you! Use the search button to look up keywords from your project and see if any teams have used them in the past.
Check the section below for a quick guide on how to use the table.

Credits to Ronit Langer (, Phoenix Project Manager.
If you have any suggestions, feedback, or ideas about the project, please reach out to

How to use the Phoenix Project

Let's say you and your team want to design a project in the Health, Diagnostics and Therapeutics track and you want to see what iGEMers from Brazil have already done in this track so you can get some inspiration.
To do that, you should click on "Filter" and then "Add filter". Now you choose what will be your filter (Where), in this case let's select "Location" in the drop-down menu and then type "Brazil". Since we want only the projects in the Health, Diagnostics and Therapeutics track, we will add another filter where "Track" is "Therapeutics".
And we're done! Now you should see what you're looking for, visit their wiki, read their project's abstract, and much more! You can search in different ways, so give it a try!