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iGEM Design League 2021 awards teams with Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals according to their performance, Track Awards to recognize excellence in each track, and several Special Prizes to honor the most unique contributions to iGEM Design League. Three finalists are selected to compete to be the iGEM Design League Grand Prize Winner.

IXORA, SynBio Ikiam, ISPanama, CAOS, P(d)PANA

igroBio, Ararinhas UFF, Yucatán, CNPEM.Brazil, Ollin Synbio IPN, SynYaku, Synthetic Biobots, Iktan Kaan'Ek, ITESO_Guadalajara, Fireblighters

Sciencopic Concytep, UnB/Embrapa, UTPrimers, CO2 Snatchers, UAM, UTEC, Biotec-CCM, Biotech-EC, Mikuytec, Panama-Uni

Track Awards

Energy, Environment & Biodiversity

Winner: UnB/Embrapa

Nominees: UnB/Empraba and UTPrimers

Food & Nutrition

Winner: UAM

Nominees: UAM and Fireblighters

Health, Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Winners/Nominees: Biotech-EC and Biotec-CCM


Winner: CNPEM.Brazil

Nominees: Panama-Uni and CNPEM.Brazil

Special Awards

Best Project Presentation

Winner: ITESO Guadalajara

Nominees: UTPrimers, ITESO Guadalajara, SynYaku

Best Promotional Video

Winner: Biotech-EC

Nominees: Biotech-EC, SynYaku, ITESO Guadalajara

Best Design Implementation

Winner: Mikuytec

Nominees: UTPrimers, UAM, Mikuytec

Best Genetic Circuit Design

Winner: Biotech-EC

Nominees: Biotec-CCM, Mikuytec, Biotech-EC, CO2 Snatchers

Best Human Practices and Social Impact Project

Winner: UTEC

Nominees: UTEC, Panama-Uni, Mikuytec, UnB/Embrapa

Best Computational Biology Approach

Winner: UAM

Nominees: Biotech EC, UAM, Sciencopic Concytep

Best Entrepreneurship and Innovation Approach

Winner: Ollin Synbio IPN

Nominees: Ollin Synbio IPN, Mikuytec, Sciencopic Concytep, Biotec-CCM

Best Biosafety and Biosecurity Approach

Winners: Panama-Uni and Ollin Synbio IPN

Nominees: UAM, Panama-Uni and Ollin Synbio IPN

Best Scientific Infographic

Winner: Mikuytec

Nominees: UAM, Mikuytec, CAOS

Best Arts Approach

Winners: UAM and CO2 Snatchers

Nominees: CO2 Snatchers, Biotech-EC, Panama-Uni, UAM

Diversity and Inclusivity Award

Winners: Ararinhas UFF and Ollin Synbio IPN

Nominees: Mikuytec, Synthetic Biobots, Ararinhas UFF and Ollin Synbio IPN

SDG Award

Winner: UTEC

Nominees: UTEC, Sciencopic Concytep, Mikuytec

Local Heroes Award

Winner: Mikuytec

Nominees: Mikuytec, UnB/Embrapa, UAM

Vision Award

Winner: CNPEM.Brazil

Nominees: Panama-Uni, UTEC, CNPEM.Brazil

Top 6 Finalists

Biotech-EC | UAM | UnB/Embrapa | Ollin Synbio IPN | Mikuytec | Biotec-CCM

Grand Prize Winner


1st Runner Up


2nd Runner Up


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