How to register?

iGEM Design League registration is now open!
To register your team, follow the instructions below.

The registration closes in June 15!

Registering your team

  • Team registration can only be made by one of your advisors, they must be a staff member from your school (teachers, researchers, principals, counselors, etc). He or she will be the Team Representative.

  • They will need the following information to complete the registration:
    - Advisor name, email and phone number
    - School name, city, and country
    - Team Name and Team Type (High School, Collegiate, Independent*)
    - Number of Student Team Members (up to 15)

  • If your team has more than 15 students you need to follow the instructions in the registration page to add more students.

  • Pay the total fee (US$ 1,500 per team up to 15 members, plus US$ 150 per additional student)

If you have any question about the registration procedure, please send a mail with your inquiry to design-registration AT igem DOT org

*Independent are teams that are not directly linked to a school or University, but are linked to some other educational/science institution (e.g. open innovation spaces, community labs). Teams must be able to have an Advisor to serve as Team Representative.

The registration closes in June 15!

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