How to register?

iGEM Design League registration is now open!
To register your team, follow the instructions below.

The registration closes in July 7!

Registering your team

  • Team registration can only be made by one of your advisors, they must be a staff member from your school (teachers, researchers, principals, counselors, etc). He or she will be the Team Representative.

  • They will need the following information to complete the registration:
    - Advisor name, email and phone number
    - School name, city, and country
    - Team Name and Team Type (High School, Collegiate, Independent*)
    - Number of Student Team Members (up to 15)

  • If your team has more than 15 students you need to follow the instructions in the registration page to add more students.

  • Pay the total fee (US$ 1,500 per team up to 15 members, plus US$ 150 per additional student). Payment can be submitted by credit or debit card, wire transfer, or check. Please see our Payment Instructions for more details.

Click here to learn more about the registration and how to pay your regsitration fee. If you have any question about the registration procedure, please send a mail with your inquiry to design-registration AT igem DOT org

*Independent are teams that are not directly linked to a school or University, but are linked to some other educational/science institution (e.g. open innovation spaces, community labs). Teams must be able to have an Advisor to serve as Team Representative.

The registration closes in July 7!

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