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How to participate?

iGEM Design League is a competition for high school and undergrad students in Latin America.

To participate, you need to create a team with other students from your school, and follow the instructions below.

Creating your team

You need some roles to create your team, they are:

  • Student Members

    Any Highschool student and/or University student is elegible. Be sure to build a diverse, inclusive and multidisciplinary team with other students interested in biology, STEM areas, as well as design, arts, social sciences and humanities.
  • Advisor(s)

    This person is a staff member of your school (ex: a professor or principal) who is responsible for the team. Advisors serve as the official points of contact for us. They must be able to receive emails and phone calls from iGEM Design League, and respond promptly.
  • Mentor(s)

    This person or group of people will assist your through your iGEM Design journey. They can be just about anyone (within or outside your educational institution) who is interested in sharing their insights and area of expertise with you and your team.

The iGEM Academy

#LearningByDesigning: a digital platform to provide a world-class educational experience in design and synthetic biology to Latinos and Latinas.

The digital platform: Inspiring you one activity at a time

What we provide to kickstart your journey:

Grow with our platform

  • Renowned leaders available to you

    Get access to our online platform with custom-built educational videos. Join educational activities with iGEM Academy speakers.
  • Engage with digital activities

    Learn cutting-edge software and develop skills on the main topics of the iGEM Design League Competition. Start solving assignments with our iGEM Academy handbook.
  • Build conections

    Join our community and meet regional leaders, ambassadors, and students helping to accelerate the synthetic biology ecosystem in Latin America.

Design your project


Create a project to solve a local problem with synthetic biology.

Synthetic biology is an ecosystem of its own: It brings people from not just biology and engineering, but different areas of expertise like computer science, social sciences, humanities, art and design, coming together to imagine and contribute towards solving humanities greatest challenges.

About competition tracks

Each team can only compete in one track.

The purpose of the iGEM tracks is to help teams focus their projects. The areas encompassed by the tracks aim to solve crucial regional challenges by design; for example, iGEM students have worked on projects related to environmental bioremediation, new medical delivery systems, and alternative energy sources using synthetic biology.

For this year's competition, you can pick one of the following tracks:

Remember: your project must focus ONLY in the design step.Laboratory activities won't be considered in the competition.

Expand your project

Whether it is by your genetic designs, innovative software or hardware, or challenging the role of your project through the lenses of social sciences, your project can accelerate the synthetic biology ecosystem in Latin America.

  • Create impact

    Contribute to addressing one or more Sustainable Development Goals from the UN's Agenda 2030 with your project.
  • Integrate your design

    Engage with your local community and understand how your project can impact society and how society can impact your project.
  • Safety by design

    Make sure you are thoughtfully considering biosafety and biosecurity in your projects.
  • Unleash your creativity

    Think outside the box, innovate and create something entirely new, imagine what can you #DesignWithBiology.
  • Collaborate

    Interact and engage with other teams, build networks and collaborations to expand the impact of your project.

Important dates

Ready to #DesignWithBiology?