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What are the payment methods?

You can make the payment via Credit/Debit card or Wire transfer. All payments should be in US Dollars, contact us if you require special assistance. Click here to learn more about the payment.

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What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fee includes:
- Access to the competition
- Access to the iGEM Academy for each student, advisor and mentor
- A participation certificate for each team member
- A welcome kit sent to your school
- Access to the season finale and award ceremony

Stay tuned for additional surprises.

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Are there any additional fees to be covered during the competition?

No additional fees will be required.
However, teams can include additional students above the initial 15 members by paying a US$ 150 fee for each additional student.

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When will the iGEM Academy be available?

The iGEM Academy will be available for registered teams right after the iGEM Design League Season Kick-off in July.

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What are the awards?

Students can obtain up to 7 different types of awards and certificates.
- Participation certificate
- iGEM Academy certificate
- Medal Certificate
- Track Award
- Special Prizes
- Finalist Award
- iGEM Design League Champion

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What are the main deliverables for teams?

All teams are expected to complete the following deliverables:

- A video presentation to show their projects to the judging panel in 20 minutes. It should be clear, engaging, and creative.

- A team webpage to document their project and present their ideas, research and results to the public.

- A short promo video to communicate their project to a broader audience, explaining the problems they are addressing, their proposed solution and its impact.

Stay tuned for news regarding additional deliverables.

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Do teams need to present lab results?

The iGEM Design League competition focuses on the design step of the engineering approach for Biology (Design, Build, Test, and Learn). Teams are not expected to provide lab results, we motivate teams to understand a local problem, ideate and design synthetic biology solutions using digital tools.

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Is it necessary to have a project idea before registering my team?

No, having a project idea is not a requirement to register.
Whether you already have a project idea, or you need more time to ideate a project, we encourage you to register your team.

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What are the deadlines for deliverables?

Deliverables are expected in early October.

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Is it possible to have student members from several schools in the team?

Yes, we want to see diverse and multi-disciplinary teams, you can include student members from several schools.

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Is it possible to have someone who does not work in my school as an advisor?

Yes, this person will be responsible for the team’s registration payment, and will be our main point of contact with your team. iGEM Design League also accepts Independent teams who are not affiliated to an academic institution, as long as they comply with the requirements and documentation.

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Is it possible to add new extra members after the registration deadline?

Yes, once registered, you can add or remove team members by July 30th. This includes additional members above the initial 15 students.

Please note this does not apply for team registration. The deadline to pay and register new teams is July 7.

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Is there an additional fee for Advisors?

No, the registration fee includes advisors and mentors, and there is no cap for these roles.

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Can I participate in the competition if I do not have an instructor specialized in synthetic biology?

YES! iGEM Design League is envisioned to kickstart your journey in synthetic biology, our iGEM Academy will provide you with useful tools to design your projects.

You are not required nor expected to have a specialized advisor with knowledge or experience in synthetic biology. We encourage you to participate.

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