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Learn more about iGEM Design League

What is iGEM Design League?

A new iGEM competition designed to kickstart your journey in synthetic biology.

With an integrated approach focused on:

  • Introducing you to the synthetic biology ecosystem, the bioeconomy, and design thinking.

  • Inspiring you to design a solution to a local problem engineering biology.

  • Discovering your passion to #DesignWithBiology

Who can participate?

Teams composed of high school and/or undergrad students from Latin American Countries are invited to participate this year. You need to assemble a team with other students and at least one faculty member of your school. Be sure to have a diverse and multidisciplinary team.

The team registration fee for the inaugural edition of the iGEM Design League is $1,500USD for up to 15 students per team.

How to participate?

  • Assemble and register your team!

  • Learn and engage with the synthetic biology ecosystem through our iGEM Academy program

  • Meet, collaborate, and have fun with other teams and the iGEM Community

  • Design a project to solve a local problem and accelerate the Latin American Synthetic Biology Ecosystem

  • Compete for medals, special prizes, and the opportunity to take your design to the next level

The Synthetic Biology Ecosystem

Synthetic biology is transforming our lives.
From biomaterials to healthcare, biology is playing a key role to address the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The synthetic biology ecosystem is diverse, involving several tools, technologies, and areas of expertise. You can engineer not only living organisms but also hardware and software.

Be a part of the iGEM community and become an agent of change through public engagement and social impact.

Why Design?

The iGEM Design League competition focuses on the design step of the engineering approach for Biology (Design, Build, Test, and Learn).

Using a design approach can enable you to expand your project and create solutions harnessing the power of digital tools.

To boost your iGEM experience, we are integrating design thinking to solve local problems in a creative and innovative framework.

Why Latin America?

Latin America has a vast cultural, geographical and biological diversity.

Throughout the history of iGEM, Latin American teams have demonstrated creativity, resilience, and energy to change the world with biology.

This year, we selected Latin America to inaugurate the iGEM Design League with a pilot program as an opportunity to expand the impact of synthetic biology in the region, creating a new experience to introduce more latinos and latinas to the Synthetic Biology Ecosystem.

iGEM Academy

We are bringing world-class education in synthetic biology to you.

iGEM Academy is an online educational platform to empower you to become the bioengineer of the future. Through inspiring lectures, digital activities, and workshops, your team will meet and engage with renowned leaders in biological engineering.

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