International Genetically Engineered Machine

Video & Remote Technology (VRT) Committee

The Video & Remote Technology Committee are a group of iGEM Alumni passionate about videos or virtual events, who want to help bring this new reality to the iGEM Competition.

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Learn more about the Video & Remote Technology (VRT) Committee's work for this year's competition on the 2020 Competition Video Resources page:


Contact us at: video [AT] igem [DOT] org

Committee Members

Nemanja Stijepovic

Director of Video and Technology at iGEM HQ

iGEM Experience: Team UBonn HBRS 2017, 2018, European iGEM Ambassador 2019

Dimitrios Michailidis

PhD Microbiology and Immunobiology at Sheffield University

iGEM Experience: Team Dundee 2014 2015, Team Sheffield Primary PI 2016/2017/2019, Judge 2017 and 2019, Team Cyprus Secondary PI 2020

Eleonora Shantsila

BSc Mathematics at University of St Andrews

iGEM Experience: Team St Andrews 2018, 2019, Advisor in 2020

Marjolein Crooijmans

Education Assistant and Researcher at Leiden University

iGEM Experience: Team Leiden 2018, Advisor in 2019, Supervisor 2020, Judge 2019

Maarten Lubbers

MSc Student at Leiden University

iGEM Experience: Team Leiden 2019, Supervisor 2020

Fabio Maschi

PhD Student at ETH Zurich

iGEM Experience: Team Paris Saclay 2014, Advisor in 2015 & 2016, Judge in 2016-2019

Leandros Tsiotos

Graduate student of University of Thessaly

iGEM Experience: Team Thessaly 2019

Shrestha Rath

BSc-MSc Student at IISER Bhopal

iGEM Experience: Team IISER Bhopal 2018, After iGEM Communications Committee 2019, After iGEM Policy Committee 2020

Roderick Meyer

BSc Student at Florida State University

iGEM Experience: TTeam FSU 2019, Advisor 2020

Jake Wintermute

Research Fellow at CRI Paris

iGEM Experience: Team Paris Bettencourt Advisor 2013-2020, Judge

Vinoo Selvarajah

Director of the Registry at iGEM HQ

HQ Liaison at VRT Committee

Yasser Elbedewy

Bachelor Student at AFCM

iGEM Experience: Team AFCM Egypt 2018, 2019, 2020

Arya Agarwal

BSc-MSc Student at BITS Goa

Snehadri Sinha

PhD Student at University of Helsinki

iGEM Experience: Team Aalto Helsinki 2016

Paul Ross


Mohamed Osama

Student at AFCM

iGEM Experience: Team AFCM Egypt 2019, 2020