After iGEM

International Genetically Engineered Machine

You have participated in iGEM... but what happens beyond the competition?

The After iGEM Program is for everyone who has gone through the iGEM Competition since its inception in 2004. Over 40,000 iGEMers -- students and instructors -- have participated in the program over the past 16 years. After iGEM is a way to continue to make an impact on the world. You are the leaders of the field -- and we want to help you succeed.

After iGEM Initiatives

There are many initiatives and programs within After iGEM that present unique opportunities just for iGEMers. Click below to learn about each initiative.

Ambassador Program

An annual application-based program to for those who want to spend 3-6 months working behind the scenes to officially represent iGEM in your region. iGEM provides travel support, materials, and infrastructure. Learn more

Delegate Program

An opportunity for iGEMers to attend key international meetings and be part of the global conversation on synthetic biology. Learn more

Representative Program

For those who want to shout out about iGEM. iGEM Representatives are individuals who embody the spirit of iGEM and who want to serve as official representatives of iGEM in their region. Learn more

Mentorship Program

Share your knowledge and advise new iGEM teams on how to navigate the competition. Learn more

The iGEM Digest

An online periodical publication to share the stories of the community. Keep up to date on what is going on with your fellow iGEMers. Learn more

The iGEM Network

The iGEM Network is an online platform where community members can maintain an online presence and connect with others who have gone through this shared experience. Learn more

After iGEM Committees

After iGEM Committees are specialized teams of iGEMers who are passionate about the values of the iGEM and possess skills to be a part of dedicated After iGEM projects. Members contribute towards the development and implementation of committee goals, along with exploring other avenues the committee can contribute to.

Education Committee

The After iGEM Education Committee is working towards the continuous improvement in the quality of iGEM projects, providing a platform to maximize the output of participating teams in their search for excellence. Making synthetic biology open access worldwide through personalized content beyond the iGEM Competition. The Education Committee is currently overseeing the Mentorship Program

Contact Email: after-education AT igem DOT org

High School Committee

The High School Committee is working towards bridging the gaps in communication between local synthetic biology academic high school institutions, high-schoolers, and the broader international synthetic biology research community and the iGEM community.

Contact Email: after-hs AT igem DOT org

Academia Committee

The After iGEM Academia and Research Committee is working on the creation of a central hub for synthetic biology academic research worldwide by 2025. Their goal is to encourage collaboration and idea exchange between iGEMers and synthetic biology researchers on both local and global levels, by bridging the gaps in communication between local synthetic biology academic associations, the broader international synthetic biology research community, and the iGEM community.

Contact Email: after-academia AT igem DOT org

Communications Committee

The goal of the Communications Committee is to increase visibility of After iGEM's initiatives. The team consists of passionate individuals who work together with other After iGEM Committees, program members, and staff to document and share inspiring stories, important initiatives, and news from After iGEM through our communication channels.

Contact Email: after-communications AT igem DOT org

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee is working to develop a 2-way dialogue between synthetic biology researchers and policy makers in order to understand science policy and how it is related to iGEMers. We create a platform for conversations and help enable researchers to convey their viewpoints and concerns to policymakers, and set up alliances with regional and national entities to improve the conditions of development in synthetic biology with government support. Please contact after AT igem DOT org for more information.

After iGEM Coordinators

Hassnain Qasim Bokhari

After iGEM Coordinator
hassnain AT igem DOT org

Ricardo Camilo Chavez

After iGEM Coordinator
ricardo AT igem DOT org

Guilherme E. Kundlatsch

After iGEM Coordinator
guilherme AT igem DOT org

Nemanja Stijepovic

After iGEM Coordinator
nemanja AT igem DOT org

Dorothy Zhang

After iGEM Coordinator
dorothyzhang AT igem DOT org

Ronit Langer

Ambassador Program Coordinator
ronit AT igem DOT org

Meagan Lizarazo

Director, After iGEM
Executive Vice President, iGEM Foundation

meagan AT igem DOT org