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SynBio United

Event by the Global Alliance of SynBio Associations


In 2020, the Global Alliance of SynBio Associations contacted and showcased several local and regional groups. A year later, we brought together SynBio Associations worldwide at SynBio United on July 17, 2021.

In this first-ever virtual gathering, we received 180 registrations and had over 15 SynBio Associations and Networks joining us from across the globe. We were able to actively foster communication and work together on the next steps of our Global Alliance. Thank you all for joining us at SynBio United!

Soon we will release and share more outcomes of our event. Stay tuned!

Our Goals

Provide a platform for SynBio Associations to network and discover shared goals for themselves
Engage regional SynBio leaders to develop best practices for our international community
Highlight the current regional challenges and what groups have been doing to overcome them
Enhance strong collaborations between the Associations ready to embrace the future of SynBio, together

Details of the Event


The event will have a convening format with a mix of panel discussions and participant-led sessions. We hope to actively foster communication and interactions between our attendees. Everyone at this gathering will be invited to participate and contribute to these discussions.


All sessions will be live on Zoom, starting with a brief warm-up and welcome followed by moderated discussions, networking and reflections. Participants will contribute and interact on stage (video), chat, and our online whiteboard. With all these types of interaction, we hope everyone feels welcome to engage during the event!


We will have moderators to facilitate and organize the interactions. There will be volunteers helping with open microphone conversations, questions and comments on the chat and note-taking components to best capture the discussions and reflections of each session.


There will be opportunities for everyone to get together, brainstorm, do some rapid prototyping in the different types of networking sessions before and during the event.

You can contribute with the organization of this event by contacting


Session Description Leads Time
Associations, assemble! Event Warm-up with intro of attendees and promo videos livestreamed. Event organizers 12:30 UTC
Welcome Note Welcome Session in which the moderators and ettiquette of the event are presented. Event organizers 13:00 UTC
Lesson 101: How to thrive as an Association Panel Discussion with Associations followed by a Q&A with the audience. CCiC, SynBio Canada, SynBio Africa and KCL SynBioTech 13:10 UTC
Break / Regional Networking Take a moment to relax and get your favorite beverage. Or stay on Zoom for regional networking. 13:50 UTC
Reflections of local realities Two parallel sessions focused on how Associations reflect local realities:
  #1. How to engage local people solving local problems
  #2. What it requires to democratize SynBio knowledge
Allbiotech and IBLoT

SynBio Indonesia and SynBio Brasil
14:00 UTC
How do we support us?: Collaborating to generate global impact Rapid prototyping and orientation for upcoming networking session. Event Organizers 14:25 UTC
Break / Rapid Networking Take a moment to relax and get your favorite beverage. Or stay on Zoom for random rapid networking. 14:50 UTC
Networking 1 Parallel networking sessions focused on the Association's Impact and Contribution to:
  #1. Education
  #2. Policy-Making
  #3. Open Science
Event Organizers 15:00 UTC
Networking 2 Parallel networking sessions focused on the Association's Impact and Contribution to:
  #1. Academia and Research
  #2. Industry and Bioeconomy
  #3. Science Communication
Event Organizers 15:25 UTC
Coffee Break Take a moment to relax and get your favorite beverage. 15:50 UTC
Future of SynBio: What next? Session to collect and present all ideas and outcomes from SynBio United. Event organizers 16:00 UTC
Vote of thanks Closing remarks of the first SynBio United. Event Organizers 16:20 UTC

Confirmed Associations

We are happy to announce the SynBio Associations from across the globe that confirmed participation at our inaugural virtual gathering. These are some of the organizations you will be able to meet and greet during SynBio United:

SynBio Canada
CCiC - Conference of China iGEMer Community
SynBio Africa
SynBio Brasil - Brazilan Association of SynBio
SynBio UK
United Kingdom
Genes & Machines
Biohacking Space Peshawar
United Kingdom
IBLoT - India Biotech Leaders of Tomorrow
KCL's Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology Society
Unted Kingdom
SynBio Indonesia
United States
Latin America

Event Organizers

SynBio United is the result of a combined effort from Steering Group members of the Open Science and Accessibility (OScA) Network, iGEM Ambassadors and volunteers from different SynBio Associations. Meet our organizing team:

Cibele Zolnier

After iGEM Coordinator & Steering Group Chair of OScA Network

Dorothy Zhang

Director of Community Engagment at iGEM

Shrestha Rath

Regional Ambassador Coordinator for Asia & Oceania

Abigail Conner

iGEM Ambassador for Europe

Annika (Heng) Shi

Steering Group Member of OScA Network

Avadhoot Jadhav

iGEM Ambassador for Asia

Ayesha Sameer

iGEM Ambassador for Asia

Erikan Baluku

iGEM Ambassador for Africa


Director of Communications at After iGEM

Jaume Puig

Steering Group Member of OScA Network

Leandros Tsiotos

iGEM Ambassador for Europe

Luiza Gomes

Executive Committee Member at SynBio Brasil

Nannan Jiang

Education and Outreach Officer at iGEM

Salva Anton

Designer at iGEM Creative Productions

Sofia Sánchez

Steering Group Member of OScA Network

Tejas Borkar

Steering Group Member of OScA Network

Tejashree Murugan

Community Manager at IBLoT