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The After iGEM Slack will be one of our new platforms for community connections! It will be a place for you to interact with our global community, engage in discussions on your topics of interest, find out about the latest opportunities and news, get answers for your questions or resources for your needs and find out what’s happening in the iGEM community. To keep things organized and easy to find for other users, we ask that you follow the user policy presented here.

Goals of our Workspace

Discussion on various iGEM and Synthetic Biology-related topics
Connecting with iGEM Networks, Ambassadors and Initiatives
Proposing and sharing ideas with the rest of the iGEM Community
Collaboration and giving suggestions in projects from After iGEM

User Policy

Channel rules:

You are automatically added in default channels (numbered) and you can also join other available (open) channels. You can request to create a new channel, open or private, by tagging @admin users.

Display Name Instructions:

You can update your display name for them to reflect your region and your network topic of interest. This will help in ease of identification for users and facilitate new connections.

Updating User Profile

On the “Edit Profile” settings you will find new fields for: Topics of Interest, LinkedIn, Affiliation outside of After iGEM. These fields can only be edited on the desktop app or browser. Make sure to keep your profile updated so people can connect and learn more about you.

Other rules:

Take a quick look at all the options Slack offers. This is also a great resource if you ever have any techIwI was thinking nical questions on how to use it:

When you reply to a message someone else posted, do so by starting a Thread ( This will keep the discussion organized and will make sure that the person reads your reply! Other people can comment on this thread as well.

No spamming! Please don’t send many messages, and use the same message box to write the message. If there are additional comments, please do so by replying in the thread. If Slack moderators notice spamming, messages will be deleted at our discretion.

Anyone posting inappropriate content will be deleted and banned.

Be respectful to each other! Avoid making hurtful comments about other cultures, genders, ethnics or beliefs. This is a big diverse world so be open-minded and respectful! If you detect any signs of bullying or disrespect, please let us know in a private email or message.

User termination:

Slack moderators reserve the right to delete any users that violate this user policy. Anyone who is impersonating another person will be removed from Slack.

All these rules and a list of channels can be found on the #welcome-read-me channel.

List of Channels

Channel Purpose
#1-welcome-read-me Important information regarding After iGEM Slack Workspace
#2-announcements Updates and announcements from After iGEM
#3-introductions Space for everyone to introduce themselves
#4-general Space for general conversation and interaction
#5-resource-sharing To share interesting information and resources with the community
#6-questions-answers A Q&A space for the community
#7-news-and-events To share information about events and recent news
#8-jobs-and-opportunities To share job opportunities with your community

We have also created channels for you to connect and engage with your regional iGEM community, and with the people who share the same interests as you.

Topic Channels
Regional topics #network-africa, #network-asia-oceania, #network-europe, #network-latin-america, #network-north-america
Interest topics #interest-academia-and-research, #interest-education, #interest-governance-and-policy, #interest-industry, #interest-openscience-and-accessibility, #interest-science-communication, #interest-entrepreneurship