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Global Policy Mapping Hackathon

Project by the Governance & Policy Steering Group


The Global Policy Mapping Hackathon is a weekend-long event from Friday September 24 to Sunday September 26, during which iGEMers will come together to map the landscape of global import/export policies that apply to specific areas of synthetic biology. Help us create an incredibly important resource for the world to understand global shipping policies.

Hackathon Features

Produce a whitepaper mapping import/export policies in a specific country or region
Have a chance to present what you learn before a panel of judges
Hear expert talks on subjects like “How Policy Affects Parts”, “Shipping Stories” and “Policy Careers for Scientists”
Build on work done by teams in the LATAM Shipping Policies project
Enjoy mentorship from the Governance and Policy Network

Everyone will receive a certificate of participation, and top teams will be rewarded with additional mentorship, feedback on their whitepaper, and other surprise prizes!

Hack and Learn

During the hackathon, in addition to doing independent research on shipping policies, you will be able to hear from experts on exciting subjects like:

Local vs. Global? The many landscapes of synbio policy!
How Policy Affects Parts
Shipping Stories
Policy Careers for Scientists
So you want to start a startup… navigating regulations as an entrepreneur

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Meet the Speakers

Ian Peter Busuulwa

Public Policy Fellow, Ginkgo Bioworks; Science Stories Africa

Dr. Todd Kuiken

Synthetic Biology Ad-Hoc Technical Expert Group Member, UN Convention on Biological Diversity

Vinoo Selvarajah

Director of the Registry, iGEM Foundation

Dr. Paul Rutten

CEO and Cofounder, Concert Bio

Dr. Natalia Pasternak

Research fellow at University of São Paulo, Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, President of “Questão de Ciência” Institute (IQC)

Chris Isaac

Program Assistant, Global Biological Policy and Programs, NTI