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Open Talks

Project by the Open Science & Accessibility Steering Group


The Open Talks project consists of a set of lectures with speakers involved in open (bio) sciences and technologies, specifically in the scope of hardware, software, licenses and open innovation. With this project, we hope that everyone can collaboratively learn about these fields and integrate them within our iGEM and SynBio communities.

The series was held every three weeks on Saturdays, starting July 3rd and up until September 25th. You can check all the sessions on iGEM Video Universe. We hope you have a great journey exploring Open Science in Synthetic Biology!

Join our talks!

During the development of a Biotechnology project, as in your iGEM journey, did you ever have doubts about:

How to correctly document the hardware you are creating?
Which license to use to publish the software that your team created?
How could you transform your technology into a product based on open innovation?
Any more topics related to science and open technology?

Well, your problems are over! After iGEM's Open Science and Accessibility Steering Group will be promoting the Open Talks project to address all these questions. This will consist of lectures open to the community with experts on the scope of open hardware, open software, open licenses and open innovation, which will take place until the end of the iGEM 2021 season. Thus, we hope that everyone can collaboratively learn and build solid knowledge in open science and technology, and integrate them with excellence in SynBio and Biotechnology projects.

You can collaborate with us on After iGEM on JOGL and #interest-openscience-and-accessibility Slack channel.

Schedule of Talks

This lecture has concluded you can watch the video below

Discovering Open Software

The term Software refers to the code we use to give orders to a computer. In iGEM projects, they can help from the design of an important piece of engineering for the project, or even in modeling the behavior of microorganisms. The Open Software movement is one of the most important in the world for the democratization of knowledge and the freedom of users. Let's get introduced to Open Software and learn how we can implement it in our own projects!

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Discovering Open Hardware

Hardware involves all the physical parts of a computer - like the skeleton of the machine you are currently using to read this text. Having a good understanding of how you can make your project's hardware as open and accessible as possible is extremely important so that technologies can be widely accessed and improved by global communities. Let's understand the Open Hardware movement and its important relation to Science in this incredible talk!

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Discovering Open Licenses

The process of choosing licenses for a Biotechnology project is often ignored. There is a standard model of technology protection: patents. However, there are already more open and accessible alternatives to this method, the Open Licenses. Open Licenses play an essential role so that numerous people can study and develop technologies and products within the law. Let's get to know Open Licenses together, their challenges and opportunities, and how we can use them in our daily lives.

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Enabling Open Science & Tech Communities for Social Impact

Open science and tech communities play crucial roles in driving transformations towards our sustainability priorities. Redefining how science is commissioned, where it is done, what is investigated, who gets to participate, and how it is applied creates pathways to education, research, and innovation that is more cost-effective, inclusive, participatory, and community oriented. How are these communities formed? What are their opportunities and challenges? How can they be sustained? This talk uses examples from Global Lab Network, Africa Open Science & Hardware, Just One Giant Lab, and other initiatives to explore these questions.

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Discovering Open Innovation

Open Innovation consists of opening the process and spaces for innovation in projects and products for society to study, question and develop, avoiding the classic restrictions of corporate and laboratory secrecy. As we move every day towards the Bioeconomy, a knowledge-based model, it is of paramount importance that there is more and more collaboration and sharing between the parties involved. Let's know more about how Open Innovation can change your future and help you in your scientific processes and products.

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An Overview on Synthetic Biology and Open Culture

After a long journey through the Open Software, Open Hardware, Open Licenses and Open Innovation movements, we will discuss all these topics within the current state of the art of synthetic biology. How can we be active agents to increase the accessibility and openness of our own synthetic biology designs and products? Let's imagine (and build) the future of synbio together!

Meet the Speakers

Sol Verniers
GOSH Community
Talk: Discovering Open Software
Marina Freitas
reGOSH (POA Node)
Talk: Discovering Open Hardware
Linda Kahl
SciScript Communications | iGEM Foundation | Biobricks Foundation
United States
Talk: Discovering Open Licenses
Gameli Adzaho
Just One Giant Lab (JOGL)
Talk: Enabling Open Science & Tech Communities for Social Impact
Jenny Molloy
Open Bioeconomy Lab | University of Cambridge
Talk: Discovering Open Innovation
Thomas Landrain
Just One Giant Lab (JOGL)
Talk: Discovering Open Innovation
Jake Beal
Raytheon BBN Technologies | iGEM Foundation
United States
Talk: An Overview on Synthetic Biology and Open Culture

Organizers & Moderators

Heloisa Oss Boll
Brasilia, Brazil
Estefany Martínez
Estado de México, México
Tim Ho
North Carolina, USA
Gyanaranjan Parida
Dhenkanal, India
Tejas Borkar
Nanded, India
Luiza Gomes
Campinas, Brazil