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Academic Publishing Workshop Series

Series Introduction

The Academia & Research Steering Group is organizing the Academic Publishing Workshop series.

Starting on 22nd May 2021, the talks will walk you through the basics of scientific writing all the way to the process of submission and publication. The sessions will be delivered by a set of great speakers with a range of tips and tricks that will help you in your publishing journey. If you are planning to publish your work, join the Academia & Research Steering Group and ask all your questions!

Stay tuned for the full schedule and details.

Duration: 1 hour per session

There will be a new session every week and the series will continue for 4 weeks

Series Timeline

Workshop Name Date Time
Workshop 1: The basics of scientific writing Saturday 22nd May 2021 12 PM UTC
Workshop 2: Data analysis and visualisation Saturday 29th May 2021 11 AM UTC
Workshop 3: Q&A panel of iGEMers with published iGEM projects Saturday 5th of June 6 PM UTC
Workshop 4: The in’s and out’s of paper submission and publication Saturday 12th June 1 PM UTC

Workshop Leads

Dr Steve Kirk
Prof at Nippon Medical School
Dr Jake Beal
Chair iGEM Engineering Committee
Dr Bilge San
Managing Editor Elsevier