After iGEM/Mentorship Program

International Genetically Engineered Machine

After iGEM | Mentorship Program

The After iGEM Mentorship Program provides a means for high school and collegiate iGEM teams to learn from mentors and have the necessary support to participate in the iGEM Competition. The program is coordinated by the After iGEM Education Committee, a team composed of former iGEMers that share their expertise and experience in leading educational programs.

The mentorship program is an opportunity to give back to the community, interact with the next-generation of iGEM participants and to gain practical experience in communication, leadership and mentoring skills. The program has been running since 2015 and has helped to introduce, guide and support many adventures in the marvelous journey until the Jamboree.

iGEMers that are interested in sharing their experience in the competition and supporting our outstanding community are encouraged to apply for the mentor position. The mentors and teams will be matched considering their geographic region and research interest. With full support from the Education Committee, this is a unique opportunity to learn, teach, connect and share.

As researchers in the iGEM Competition, we all understand the unique challenges that come with working at the cutting edge of knowledge. Projects can be too ambitious, and working within a tight time-frame is a formidable task. iGEM is all about working together to make biology fun and easy to engineer, and we hope that the Mentorship Program will bring teams and alumni together so everyone can meet their goals for iGEM 2019.

Do you want to be a mentor?

Mentors are iGEMers with previous experience in the iGEM Competition, so they understand the structure and requirements of the competition. They will help their teams navigate the competition, and support their teams while they progress through notable dates and work towards deadlines.

To join as a mentor you must:

  • have participated in the iGEM Competition previously at least once;
  • be willing to share your knowledge and passion with other iGEMers; and
  • be willing to dedicate a up to 2 hours per week to the mentored team.

Does your team need a mentor?

Teams receiving mentorship will be guided by your mentor throughout the competition season on processes such as designing and troubleshooting an experiment, incorporating integrated human practices into the iGEM project, creating an abstract, developing a team wiki, and submitting a BioBrick. They will have online meetings with their mentors at least twice per month during the competition season to learn these various aspects of iGEM and to have their questions answered.

Teams that benefit from the mentorship program guidance are 10% more likely to achieve medal standing, and 20% more likely to achieve a Silver or Gold medal.

All iGEM teams, including high school and collegiate level teams, are eligible to apply for mentorship, but preference will be given to first time participants.


Applications for the 2019 season are now closed.

If you have any questions about the program for 2020, feel free to reach out to us at after-education AT igem DOT org

* The mentorship received from a mentor through this program does not fulfill or contribute towards the collaborations requirement of the competition.