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WiSTEM Initiative was launched in 2020 August as part of After iGEM Ambassador Program. WiSTEM aims to represent everyone who identifies as Women in STEM and SynBio , increase awareness of the underrepresentation in Science as well as provide a platform for everyone to get inspired, network and develop.

We are achieving this via organisation of various types of events. In 2020 we organised a panel discussion with six inspiring speakers from different regions and careers. This panel discussion turned into an interview series which lasted over 2 months and reached an exceptional number of people in iGEM Community and beyond.

To end iGEM Season, we took part in Giant Jamboree’s Community Week , where we invited iGEM Past Teams to share their work related to Women in STEM!

This event, as well as our other events, attracted a lot of people including LGBTQ+ community and men , who want to understand the problem in more depth! Our main vision is to be inclusive!

We welcome everyone, who is curious and can benefit from our work and we aim to evolve our initiative to the bigger, impactful and representing all the underrepresented groups in STEM and SynBio. You can contact us at

Latest Updates from WiSTEM!

IGTV lives every two weeks on Saturdays on After iGEM Instagram account!

Panel Discussion Series starting 25th of September!

WiSTEM Magazine "The Equality Pursuit" call for submissions! We would love to feature various forms of creative expression to highlight the importance of gender inclusivity and diversity in STEM!