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About the Alliance

Did you know that there are more than 45,000 iGEM Alumni across the world? Through the competition, iGEMers learn and apply our core values: integrity; good sportsmanship; respect; honesty; celebration; cooperation; effort; and excellence. They also learn the importance of engaging and including our society in the scientific conversation; and the power of working together to solve gaps in the bio-economy. Many iGEMers take these learnings and values to continue making an impact in their local communities, through regional associations and other informal organizations.

We want to recognize the contribution of these communities to our society and to the advancement of synthetic biology.

Take a look at the list of organizations supported by iGEM Alumni that we have gathered!

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Do you want to hear more about these organizations and get some tips to create to create your own? Check out our interview report!

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We know that there are many more associations and networks out there, and we would like to hear about them!

Send us an email if:

- You know an organization or network that is not on the list and would like to include it.

- You are a representative for a SynBio related organization and would like to collaborate with us.

- You would like to start your own organization and would like to get our support.

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We look forward to creating a strong network!

Nerea Capon Lamelas