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The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of synthetic biology, education and competition, and the development of an open community and collaboration.

After iGEM | The iGEM Digest

iGEM Digest is a biannual magazine that features the exciting stories, the groundbreaking advances and the life-changing initiatives from the iGEM community to the iGEM community all over the world. Interviews, reports, articles, and analyses connecting the advances of After iGEMers from pole to pole.

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Issue 05

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The World of Biosecurity and Biosafety
An Overview

Innovation in Biosafety and Biosecurity:
The iGEM Experience

Uncharted Waters:
The Experience of iGEM Delegates with Scientific Diplomacy

iGEM and the Value of Responsibility

Training Ground for Today and Tomorrow:
The iGEM Safety and Security Program

Issue 04

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Editors' Pick
The Language Project

Featured Story
Teaching biology as an engineering discipline

Inviting the world to participate in synthetic biology

Spreading Synthetic Biology in the Age of Memes

Issue 03

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Editors' Pick
Defying Gravity

Featured Story
Beats, Bacteria, Biotech: David Kong’s Story

After iGEM Spotlight
FREDsense Interview with David Lloyd

Local Orgs Supporting Local Teams

iGEM Storytime
From The iGEM Diary

Issue 02

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Editors' Pick
Ljubljana to Verily: Peter Cimermančič’s iGEM Road

Featured Story
Cindy Wu’s iGEM Journey

After iGEM Spotlight
From Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero

iGEM Storytime
Staying the Research Path with Tina Lebar

The Winding Path of an iGEMer

Ambassador Highlights
Anecdotes from Ambassadors on their After iGEM goals and journey

Issue 01

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Letter From the VP
Address from our director, Meagan Lizarazo

Letter From the Editors

Featured Stories

Friends of iGEM

Editors' Pick

Ambassador Highlights
Anecdotes from Ambassadors on their After iGEM goals and journey

Meet the Editors

Hassnain Qasim Bokhari

Director of Communications at After iGEM
hassnain AT igem DOT org

Nannan Jiang

Education and Outreach Officer at After iGEM

Marissa Sumathipala

Chair iGEM Science Communications Steering Group

Larissa Markus

Assistant Editor iGEM Digest

Emma Andersen

Guest Editor - Issue 6

Emilie Bergmann Hannibal

Advisor Issue 6

Past Guest Editors & Advisors

Nannan Jiang

Guest Editor Issue 4

Chris Issac

Guest Editor Issue 5

Piers Millet

Advisor Issue 5

How can I get involved?

Are you an iGEMer looking for an opportunity? You are trailblazing the future for synthetic biology and we want to broadcast your story far and wide. Contact digest [AT] igem [DOT] org to share your story Join us as we celebrate YOU through the iGEM Digest.