After iGEM/Ambassador Program/Work In Progress

After iGEM

Work in Progress


This initiative is a peer support group network for iGEM teams that will be held through zoom meetings twice in a month or every two weeks. The network will be a safe space where anyone can turn to, when they are feeling stressed, demotivated or just want to vent. We believe that sharing of stories has the power to influence and inspire and such an initiative will not only encourage conversation about the necessity of mental health and balance in research but also will serve as a way to bring people closer together by sharing universal human experiences.

Provide a platform for people to have access to a support system that always has your back.
Help participants in navigating and being the authors of their own unique iGEM stories.

The sessions will happen in different regional zones based on the registrations.

You can contribute to this project on After iGEM Initiatives on JOGL.

The sessions are open to all iGEMers.


Session Title Date & Time Access Link
Team dynamics during the pandemic

June 13, 2021 | 1 PM UTC

password = iGEM2021!

Access the Session Here

Technology fatigue and how to combat it June 27, 2021 To be announced
TBA TBA Coming Soon
TBA TBA Coming Soon

Meet the Team

Roudlotul Jannah
Ambassador for Asia
Shruti Sridhar
Ambassador for Asia
Shiva Srinivasan
Ambassador for Asia
Larissa Markus
Sci-comm Steering Group Member
Tejas Borkar
OScA Steering Group Member