After iGEM/Ambassador Program

International Genetically Engineered Machine

After iGEM | Ambassador Program

The iGEM Ambassadors represent and promote iGEM and synthetic biology in their respective regions. The iGEM Ambassadors are a diverse and international team of regional leaders who have experienced iGEM and now work together to promote initiatives to expand iGEM and collaborate with local stakeholders to disseminate cooperation across their community.

The pilot Ambassador Program was held in 2006 and was re-launched in 2017. The Ambassadors attended regional events, encouraged local teams and supported the implementation of new iGEM teams. The program continued in 2018 and 2019, and in 2020, it was adapted to assist the iGEM Competition due to the global pandemic.


1. Find, connect with, and excite past iGEMers

The After iGEM community is made up of over 40,000 iGEMers and holds tremendous potential in impacting the development of iGEM and synthetic biology worldwide. The iGEM Ambassadors work with iGEMers to build a support network which enables alumni to share their experiences and to give back to the iGEM community. The iGEM Ambassadors work with alumni to create workshops, receptions, and other events to bring togethers iGEMers past, present, and future to create a vibrant and supportive iGEM community.

2. Increase the visibility of iGEM and Synthetic Biology

Increasing the visibility of iGEM and synthetic biology is essential for the development of a strong synthetic biology ecosystem. By increasing the awareness of iGEM and synthetic biology amongst various groups such as government, industry, and scientists, iGEM Ambassadors aim to increase the number of participating teams and the number of people talking about iGEM and synthetic biology. iGEM Ambassadors have been working toward this goal through talks, presentations, and workshops at conferences, meetings with stakeholders, and other events. By bringing iGEM to the attention of important stakeholders, we hope to generate more interest and support for teams and iGEMers on their path to accomplishing greatness.

2020 Ambassadors

To contact the whole 2020 Ambassador team, please email ambassadors-2020 [AT] igem [DOT] org. Learn more about the 2020 Ambassadors.

Africa/Middle East

  • Alex Kyabarongo (Uganda)
  • Jeff Hu (UAE)
  • Nana Oye Djan (Ghana)

Contact: africa_ambassadors2020 [AT] igem [DOT] org


  • Daulet Aitymbayev (Kazakhstan)
  • Fankang Meng (North China)
  • Jiabao Li (East China)
  • Kaavya Ashok(Japan/USA)
  • Muhammad Farhan Maulana (Indonesia)
  • Ryo Niwa (Japan)
  • Varsha Jaisimha (India)
  • Xinyu Huang (West China)
  • Zeeshan Siddiqui (Australia)

Contact: asia_ambassadors2020 [AT] igem [DOT] org


  • Athina Milona (Greece)
  • Carolina Elizondo (Germany)
  • Maxim Bokov (Russia)
  • Nemira Zilinskaite(Lithuania/UK)
  • Nerea (Sweden/Spain)
  • Ojas Tulsyan (Denmark)

Contact: europe_ambassadors2020 [AT] igem [DOT] org

Latin America

  • Cibele Nascimento (Brazil)
  • Daniel Dominguez (Mexico)
  • Henrique Retti (Brazil)
  • Heber Torres (Mexico)

Contact: LA_ambassadors2020 [AT] igem [DOT] org

North America

  • Melody Wu (USA - East Coast)
  • Sara Far (Canada)
  • Sophia Viola (USA - East Coast)
  • Yoshi Goto (USA - West Coast)

Contact: NA_ambassadors2020 [AT] igem [DOT] org

2020 Ambassador Coordinator

Ronit Langer
ronit AT igem DOT org

Ambassadors Emeritus


Past Ambassadors:

Hana Mahmoud Abdelzaher, 2019
Japheth Kelly, 2018


Hassnain Qasim Bokhari

Ambassador Emeritus
Years: 2018

Dorothy Zhang

Ambassador Emeritus
Years: 2019

Other Past Ambassadors:

Nurul Izzati, 2019
Chen Hong, 2018
Abigail Sison, 2017


Nemanja Stijepovic

Ambassador Emeritus
Years: 2019

Will Wright

Ambassador Emeritus
Years: 2018

Other Past Ambassadors:

Niek Savelkoul, 2019
Thea Chrysostomou, 2018
Camélia Bencherif, 2017
Thomas Landrain, 2017

Latin America

Ricardo Camilo Chavez

Ambassador Emeritus
Years: 2018, 2019

Guilherme E. Kundlatsch

Ambassador Emeritus
Years: 2017, 2018

Other Past Ambassadors:

Manuel Gimenez, 2019
Ana Sifuentes, 2015-2017

North America

Ronit Langer

Ambassador Emeritus
Years: 2019, 2020

Other Past Ambassadors:

Varun Govil, 2019
Amy Chen, 2018, 2019 Ambassador Program Coordinator
Holly Bowman, 2018
John Girgis, 2018