2013 Review

Synthetic Biology

based on standard parts

iGEM is great and getting better. This year 215 collegiate teams and 30 high school teams participated from around the world. With that many teams, it would take over a week to study what they did! So, we have done it for you. You will can read a review of iGEM 2013 including team highlights, statistics, and stories. You will also find the audited financial statement for our last fiscal year.

2013 Review

iGEM 2013 Project Harvesting Data

We've also uploaded our iGEM 2013 project harvesting data which we used to create the iGEM 2013 Annual Review.

Want to see other categories of projects that didn't make it into the Review? Including:

  • Toolkits
  • Biopolymers
  • ...and more!

You can download the data here (.xls)

Affiliated Writing

In addition to the iGEM 2013 Annual Review, we were fortunate to have a guest writer Christina Agapakis report on the iGEM 2013 World Championship. Christina is a "biological designer who blogs about biology, engineering, engineering biology, and biologically inspired engineering" and an iGEMer, having been involved since 2008.

Download Christina's Report

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