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At-The-Bench Videos

Join iGEM at the lab bench for video tutorials of our recommended protocols and more!
Restriction Digest
Uploaded: 7/26/12 / Length: 2m, 02s

How to perform a restriction digest.

Ligating Your Parts
Uploaded: 7/26/12 / Length: 1m, 17s

Ligate your cut parts into a linearized plasmid backbone

Transforming Your Part
Uploaded: 6/16/11 / Length: 3m, 25s

Found a part in the distribution kit that you'd like to use? Here's a quick look at our recommended protocol for transforming your parts up.

Locating Your Part
Uploaded: 6/16/11 / Length: 1m, 13s

Found a part on the Registry that's in your distribution kit? Here's a quick and reliable way to orient your kit plate and find your part.