Synthetic Biology

based on standard parts

iGEM Headquarters is a group of just 10 employees working hard to make iGEM better one day at a time.

Randy Rettberg

randy AT igem DOT org

Meagan Lizarazo

Vice President
meagan AT igem DOT org

Vinoo Selvarajah

Assistant Director of the Registry
vinoo AT igem DOT org

Kitwa Ng

Assistant Director of Operations
kitwa AT igem DOT org

Kim de Mora

Director of Development
kim AT igem DOT org

Maria Bartolini

Director of Marketing and Communications
maria AT igem DOT org

Ana Sifuentes

Visual Designer and Ambassador to Latin America
ana AT igem DOT org

Traci Haddock-Angelli

Director of Technology
traci AT igem DOT org

Abigail Sison

Laboratory Technician and Ambassador to Australasia
abigail AT igem DOT org

Suzie McLellan

Senior Administrative Assistant
suzie AT igem DOT org

iGEM Foundation

Dedicated to education and competition, advancement of synthetic biology, and the development of open community and collaboration.