Previous iGEM Competitions


SynBio Consulting's iGEM team map

Camille Delebecque and SynBio Consulting have created an interactive map of past iGEM teams and projects. This map goes all the way back to our first year in 2004 and has data for all teams up to 2013 who have participated in the competition since then. Explore where iGEM teams have come from what what projects they have worked on in this great resource.

iGEM 2013 Collegiate Division

iGEM 2013 World Championship from Above

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iGEM 2012 Collegiate Division

iGEM 2012 World Championship from Above

iGEM 2011

2011 iGEM World Championship from Above

iGEM 2010

2010 iGEM from Above

iGEM 2009

2009 iGEM from Above

iGEM 2008

2008 iGEM from Above cropped

iGEM 2007

2007 iGEM from Above cropped

iGEM 2006

2006 iGEM from Above

iGEM 2005

2004 iGEM from Above

iGEM 2004

2004 iGEM from Above

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  • Number of parts submitted: ~50