Payment Methods/Wire Transfer

Wire Payment Instructions

This account information applies to registration for the iGEM 2017 Team Registration and the iGEM 2017 Giant Jamboree.

    When submitting payment via wire transfer you must take the following steps:
  • If you are planning to make a wire transfer you must notify iGEM Headquarters (registration AT of the actual date and amount of the funds being wired.
  • Remember when initiating a wire transfer from your bank to request that all fees (from both the sending and receiving banks) be paid by your account.
  • Please be aware that you are responsible for the payment for all of the requested items and all bank fees. If the wired funds are insufficient, you will be invoiced for the difference and are liable for that payment. All funds should be in US dollars.
  • Please include your invoice number in the comments section of the wire transfer. You can automatically download your invoice from your registration confirmation email.

NOTE: Payment is due upon receipt of your online registration confirmation.

iGEM 2017 Team Registration Fee

Regular-price team registration fee of $4,500 USD is valid only for registrations which are paid in full on or before March 31, 2017 at 11:59PM EDT. A $500 late registration fee will apply to any payment received after March 31, 2017 at 11:59PM EDT, regardless of when registration was submitted. All team registration payments must be received by no later than May 1, 2017 to be eligible for participation in iGEM 2017. See the Competition Registration page for details.

Teams can check their payment status through RegOnline. RegOnline is not linked to the iGEM records, and the registration fee status on team profile pages is manually updated. It may take a few days for payment to be reflected on a team's profile page.

Keep in mind that you can, and will need to, pay your team registration fee before your team application has been accepted. Paying the team registration fee is part of the registration process and your team will not be accepted until the fee has been paid.

iGEM 2017 Giant Jamboree Attendance Fees

Regular-price Jamboree attendance fees of $695 per attendee apply only to attendance fees received by August 31. Attendance fees received after August 31, 11:59PM EDT will be subject to a $100 late fee per attendee. For more information on Giant Jamboree attendance fees, see the Giant Jamboree registration page.

Account Information

  • Click here for account details
  • Note: You must be logged in to access account details. Please also be aware that the account details have changed recently, and update the details in your payment system if necessary.

Note that the United States does not participate in IBAN. Therefore, US banks do not have an IBAN number.

Contact iGEM Headquarters at: registration AT igem DOT org or +1.617.500.3106.