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The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of synthetic biology, education and competition, and the development of an open community and collaboration. This is done through the fostering of an open, cooperative community and friendly competition.

iGEM's main program is the iGEM Competition. The iGEM competition gives students the opportunity to push the boundaries of Synthetic Biology by tackling everyday issues facing the world. Made up of primarily university level students, multidisciplinary teams work together to design, build, test, and measure a system of their own design using interchangeable biological parts and standard molecular biology techniques. Every year nearly 6,000 people dedicate themselves to iGEM, and then come together in the fall to present their work and compete at the annual Jamboree.

In 2017 iGEM introduced the After iGEM program. After iGEM supports our 30,000+ member community and international network of academics and industry professionals beyond the competition. After iGEM provides engagement opportunities within iGEM, in synthetic biology, and in the global community.

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After iGEM

Be a part of iGEM beyond the competition and join iGEM's 30,000 member community. This global community is comprised of iGEM team members, instructors, and advisors, who are leading the field in academia and industry. Learn how you can represent iGEM in your region, serve as an official iGEM Delegates at international policy and diplomacy meetings, and participate in networking and educational events in your area by being a part of After iGEM and joining the iGEM Network.

iGEM 2018

Coming soon! Check back for more on iGEM 2018. To learn more about the competition and see work from the completed season, visit the iGEM 2017 competition page.

iGEM 2017 Competition Results

Teams from Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Taiwan earned top recognition as 310 student-led teams from 44 countries took part in the iGEM Competition. View our official press release. Make sure to visit the results page for the complete list of winners.

After iGEM Delegate Program

Apply before November 17 to be part of After iGEM Delegate program and represent iGEM at the Biological Weapons Convention: Contact ana [at] igem [dot] org if you have any questions or issues regarding the application form.

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Experience iGEM

Learn more about iGEM, hear from teams, and experience the iGEM spirit. With over 100 videos made by iGEM and our community by visiting the Video Library.

Safety in iGEM

A message from Piers Millet, iGEM Director of Safety and Security. Visit Safety @ iGEM and the Competition Safety Hub to learn more.

Human Practices at iGEM

A message from Meagan Palmer, iGEM Director of Human Practices. Visit the Human Practices Hub to learn more.

Experience the Jamboree

View iGEM 2016 results, explore team projects and watch the Jamboree Wrap Video-HD here

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iGEM 2017 Competition

The iGEM 2017 competition has started!
Visit for more information.


As a participant in iGEM, or just a friend, you have seen how astonishing iGEM has become. Now we need your help. Read how you can help on our Donate page.


We will offer a variety of sponsor packages for the iGEM 2016 iGEM season.
Please contact us for more information.

iGEM Foundation

Dedicated to education and competition, advancement of synthetic biology, and the development of open community and collaboration.